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United States: New California Employment Laws For 2014

Complying with ever-changing employment laws is a challenge.  In California, there have been several recent changes to the employment laws that will be implemented over the course of this year.  Although the information below is specific to California, other states have been implementing changes that are similar.  In this article, Mary Pierce outlines new employment laws that will be implemented in California in 2014.


For businesses with California operations, the coming year will bring several important changes to California employment law. Below is a summary of the most significant new laws for 2014. Unless otherwise noted, these new laws take effect on January 1, 2014.

We look forward to working with you to ensure compliance with these new laws and welcome any comments or questions ...

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Hospitality Workers’ Compensation Insurance Costs and Solutions

Workers’ Compensation claims in the hospitality industry cost hotels billions of dollars each year.  With the costs of healthcare continually increasing, it is important for hotels to implement ways of reducing workers’ compensation claims.  Below, Todd Seiders discusses workers’ compensation challenges and possible solutions that can help hoteliers reduce costs.

Workers Comp Cost

The worst kind of pain is self-inflicted pain.

A large majority of the workers’ compensation injuries in the hotel and hospitality business are from the housekeeping department, and more specifically housekeepers/room attendant injuries that could have been prevented.

Workers’ comp insurance rates have skyrocketed in the past 18 months...

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This Hotel Is Fighting Human Trafficking Like People’s Lives Are Depending On It

Human trafficking, including sex tourism and forced labor, is rampant in the hospitality industry.  The United Nations, hotels and travel companies are teaming up to help educate travelers and hoteliers about the global problem and what they can do to help end it.  Below, Jonathan Ewing interviews Marilyn Carlson Nelson, former Chairman and CEO of Carlson, the company that owns Radisson hotels around the world.  In the interview, Ms. Nelson discusses their commitment to training their employees on how to spot trafficking at their properties and how they educate guests in order to try and end human trafficking.

radisson trafficking

Carlson, the company that owns Radisson and hotels around the world, is in the perfect place to do something about human trafficking...

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