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Training for ADA Compliance

By Elliot Mest and WAKEUP CALL

Changes in training are some of the most crucial to operating with the new ADA standards in place. Kevin Buchanan, GM of the Hilton Garden Inn Providence, Warwick R.I., recommends continuous training for employees on a quarterly basis, rather than the recommended annual training session. He said this is the most effective method, even in a hotel with low turnover. One specific aspect of training frequently is addressed during these quarterly sessions.


Buchanan cited an example of training employees to recognize service animals following updated guidelines. “With the new modifications [to the ADA], employees can no longer ask for paperwork on animals designated as service animals,” Buchanan said...

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Safety Incentive Programs: Do they work? Are they legal?


Safety incentive programs have been under the microscope lately. The primary concern is that programs that reward workers or teams for avoiding injury might result in employees not reporting recordable injuries. Attorney Adele Abrams explained what’s at stake and why caution is required. Keep reading for details about what you can and cannot do under the law.

safety incentives

Abrams addressed the topic of encouraging safe behaviors without encouraging under reporting or lawbreaking. She noted that OSHA is spending considerable effort and resources on this subject. In 2009, the agency launched a national emphasis program (NEP) on recordkeeping that asked questions about incentive programs based on injury rates and whether employees felt pressured not to report incidents...

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