Infographic: Your state’s employee leave laws

Managing the countless and continuously expanding employee leave laws today, has become an onerous task among HR professionals. BLR and Presagia have created a chart simplifying the task.

There are a myriad of legitimate reasons an employee may need to take leave—and these reasons are seemingly ever-growing. Aside from disability leave, FML leave, pregnancy leave and military leave, there are also many states with laws that provide time off for voting, organ and blood donation, jury duty, court appearances, and for victims of crime—among other reasons.

BLR and Presagia have updated their ‘Do You Know Your State Leave Laws’ infographic to make it easier for HR professionals to keep track of these various laws. The infographic below, which uses icons to outline the different types of leave laws in each state, reflects state legislation as of August 2014.

state leave laws




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