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A Hotel’s Right to Protect the Privacy of Its Guests

Airlines and other ordinary transport companies aren’t the only travel companies in the US that are required by state, county, or municipal codes, to keep logs of their customers’ activities and make those records available to police. Hotels, in particular, are often required or expected to spy on their customers’ activities and make those records available to police. Can police legally demand the information you’ve collected from your guests? Read this article from The Atlantic for developing information.

Can police can demand records of where, when, and with whom people slept without a warrant?

Imagine that you own a small hotel or motel. One weekend, a group booking arrives and checks in...

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How You ‘Engage’ with Guests on their Mobile Devices will Determine Your Hotel’s Failure or Success

Your company can win by embracing mobile technologies. A transformative mobile app can deliver value in several crucial ways. It opens the door for efficiency and productivity improvements in the lives of your end users. Hospitalitynet reveals 3 top mobile technology picks for 2015.

Mobile engagement CEO unveils his Top 3 mobile technology picks for the new year

There was a time when a website was viewed as nothing more than a digital brochure. Hoteliers had one goal: putting heads in beds. They approached website development with a “take it or leave it” attitude, mostly because they lacked the human resources and knowledge base to execute it...

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The days are getting shorter–Make sure your workplace has proper lighting

As daylight savings time ends at 2 a.m. this coming Sunday morning (November 2), most Americans will relish the gift of one extra hour of sleep. At the same time, more cars on the road during dark evenings means an increase in traffic accidents. Less daylight after working hours means less outdoor activity for many. With the increase of darkness during working hours, poor lighting in the workplace can affect safety. From BLR, here’s how to insure your workplace is properly lighted.

Daylight Savings decreases workplace lighting

Daylight Savings Time is here again. Poor lighting in a work area can affect safety, and quality of work; cause can cause eyestrain, eye discomfort. and burning; and give some workers the winter doldrums, also known as seasonal affective disorder, which can lower productivity...

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Recharge, Re-energize and Refocus — At Our Best in a Changing World

Recharge, re-energize and refocus yourself and your employees this fall. While many employees would like to have consistency, comfort, and status quo, we know that unique yet successful means getting out of the comfort zone,and being imaginative and innovative. Incorporate fun, humor, imagination and animation into your work along with these six tips, from HFTP and Murray Banks, to help you be your best everyday.

The hospitality industry is competitive and challenging. In this always changing environment, the most successful accountants and tech pros work hard to be adaptable and resilient. Like world-class athletes, they may not love tough challenges, but they know how to focus to get the job done and they continually do the things they need to do to be successful...

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Ebola in the workplace—what employers should know

Infectious agents can enter your body through several channels. What actions should you take to reduce the transmission of infectious disease in your workplace? Follow the suggestions BLR outlines to decrease your risk of infecting yourself and your workplace. Preventative measures do make a difference!


With cases of Ebola happening in the United States and leading the news, employers may be wondering what they can do to prevent the disease in their workplaces. The federal government and some states are issuing guidance to help reduce the chances of transmission of infectious diseases, such as Ebola, from affecting their workers.

Which workplaces are most at risk?

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has developed targeted Ebola prevention and control recomme...

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Ebola update: How worried should you be?

While horrific and heartbreaking, the actual number of deaths by Ebola as well as the total number of people contaminated is extremely low compared to other risks out there. Here in the United States, you are more likely to develop influenza or be involved in a vehicle accident then you are to contract Ebola. Determine the facts from this must read and informative article from The Crux, Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity.

The current Ebola outbreak, unlike others throughout history, is lasting a very long time; with cases now being reported on a variety of continents well outside of its equatorial African origin.

I’m not especially worried about Ebola striking me or my loved ones, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment...

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How Leakage Affects Your Travel Program

In spite of the grueling efforts of travel managers to develop the best travel programs possible for their company, employees can stray away creating leakage. Leakage can have a substantial impact not just on the success of a travel program but on the bottom line of the company’s financials. Enhancing the way you book travel, and improving compliance as well as your attitudes to travel will help alleviate leakage. Converge, Pam Travel, sheds some light on this subject.

How Leakage Affects Your Travel Program

Despite a travel management company’s (TMCs) daily efforts to create the best possible travel program for your business some bookings still go astray.

Sometimes travelers won’t book through your preferred channel or they’ll book their own choice of hotel over the internet...

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Why Your Important Positions Are Going Unfilled … and What to Do About It

The average duration of job vacancies is at a record high. Ask yourself, why? A shortage of skilled workers, unrealistic employer expectations, depleted HR departments, unable to identify qualified candidates due to limited recruiting efforts? See a few of the top reasons that some roles go unfilled in HR Daily Advisor, Stephen Bruce’s article.

It would seem that millions of available potential employees should make vacant positions easy and quick to fill, but that’s simply not the case lately. Here are some of the top reasons that some roles go unfilled:

  • Unemployment has decreased substantially. This means there are fewer individuals applying for any given position. By default, this means some roles will take longer to fill than before.
  • There is a shortage of workers with specific sk...
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Technology cannot replace face-to-face communications

In today’s digital age, one can go almost an entire day without actually interacting with people. People rely too heavily on the convenience of email, text messages, and social media. While you cannot deny the importance of all those platforms, and how they have revolutionized the business of communications, you must not negate the importance of face to face communication. A personal touch, plain and simple, is just nice! We quickly build a bond that sets the foundation for trust and ultimately lasting business relationships. Hotels, Larry Mogelonsky, shares his views on face to face communication integrated with digital communication with us in this article.

Many would lead you to believe face-to-face communications are a thing of past...

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What are some of the most unbelievable funny incidents that have happened in your life?

Videos are many, but funny car stories are hard to come by. Have you ever borrowed a friends car? If you have, you’ll enjoy this story from Quora and Cyndi Perlman Fink.

My husband and I were going to a very fancy wedding in San Francisco and we wanted to arrive in style. We had a good friend who owned a Rolls Royce and we asked if we could borrow it for the weekend. He said yes.

We picked up the car on Friday and drove it around all day just because it was so luxurious and we just loved pretending that it was ours. We’d gone to lunch and had it valet parked, of course, and then driven home. 

To our absolute horror, we discovered that one of the headlamp covers in the front was broken. We had to give the car back on Sunday and that didn’t give us much time to fix it.

We called every dealer...

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