What are some of the most unbelievable funny incidents that have happened in your life?

Videos are many, but funny car stories are hard to come by. Have you ever borrowed a friends car? If you have, you’ll enjoy this story from Quora and Cyndi Perlman Fink.

My husband and I were going to a very fancy wedding in San Francisco and we wanted to arrive in style. We had a good friend who owned a Rolls Royce and we asked if we could borrow it for the weekend. He said yes.

We picked up the car on Friday and drove it around all day just because it was so luxurious and we just loved pretending that it was ours. We’d gone to lunch and had it valet parked, of course, and then driven home. 

To our absolute horror, we discovered that one of the headlamp covers in the front was broken. We had to give the car back on Sunday and that didn’t give us much time to fix it.

We called every dealer around, there aren’t many, and none of them had thepart. Finally, one of them said that they could get the part by late Saturday and after much begging and pleading, agreed to meet us Sunday morning and put it on for us.

Unfortunately the part was $500 and the labor, considering that is was a Sunday, would be another $500. What could we do? 

Off we go to the wedding, which was fabulous, but with a little bit of the wind taken out of our sails due to the money we knew we had to pay the next day to get it fixed.

We got the car back in time, all fixed and delivered to our friend.

After we thanked him for the car and he asked us how we liked driving it, he walked around to the front and said, “How in the hell did you you get the headlamp fixed. I’ve been meaning to do that months!


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