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Premises Liability – Hotel Owner’s Duty to Children in Multiple Story Structures

Alarming – Property owner’s may soon be liable despite parental negligence. This case brought to us from JD Supra Business Advisor, Charles Redfield, suggests that a landowner’s compliance with Building Codes and the parents’ negligence are essentially irrelevant in determining whether a landowner has a legal obligation to a child to take precautionary actions to keep the child from falling from a window.

Nan Lawrence, et al. v. La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, Inc., et al.

Court Of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District (October 31, 2014)

In most premises liability actions, duty of the property owner is determined by analyzing the foreseeability of harm to persons such as the plaintiff.  This case considered a hotel owner’s liability for a minor’s fall from a second story hotel room window...

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Hotel general manager accused of stealing nearly $900,000 in credit card scheme

With the advancement of technology today, fraud often occurs in just a minute, sometimes only a second. One never know where and when it will happen. From MLive, John Agar, learn how a former Hotel General Manager carried out a credit card scheme stealing nearly one million dollars.

ALLENDALE, MI – The former general manager of Sleep Inn hotel in Allendale is accused of stealing nearly $900,000 by directing credit card payments to her own accounts, according to an indictment unsealed Friday, Nov. 21.

Renata Nicole Annese is charged with 15 counts of wire fraud and a single count of money laundering.

The government is seeking forfeiture of property on Maplewood Drive in Jenison titled to Renata and Michael Annese. The government is seeking to recover $872,929...

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State minimum wage increases for 2015

Employers get Ready! Federal minimum wage increase January 1, 2015 along with numerous state increases across the country the remainder of 2014 and into 2015. The FLSA does not supersede any state and local laws that are more favorable to employees; therefore, if a state has a minimum wage that is higher than the federal minimum, employers are subject to the state minimum wage law and are obligated to pay the higher rate to employees working in that state. Be sure to review the information contained in the list HR Daily Advisor, Susan Prince, outlines for updated information, Federal Minimum Wage increase and the increases in your state.

The minimum wage for federal contract workers is $10.10 per hour effective January 1, 2015.

The list below provides a listing of the states increasing th...

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Think beyond the compset

As in any battle for business, you better know what you’re up against. Get a keen competitive edge over other hotels within your compset by taking time to size up their hotel marketing strategies with yours and enhancing your properties appeal by thinking and acting beyond the compset. Get inspired with this interesting concept from Hotelier, Jean Francois Mourier.

For many, many years, hotels have used their property’s compset (also known as the competitive set) in order to gauge their hotel’s performance against the competition. That is definitely a smart business decision! But unfortunately, many of those same hotels are using their compset as their only basis for determining pricing of their rooms – which is not the most effective way of determining nightly rates.

The concept of...

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Productivity Strategies: Getting Employees Back to Work After an Injury

As an employer, you have an obligation to help an employee return to work and to ensure that they are not treated unfavorably because of their injury or illness. Although a worker should be given sufficient time to recover from the injury or illness and not feel pressured into returning to work, supporting an injured worker to return safely to work as quickly as possible makes good business sense. Getting back to work, can also be an important factor in helping and employee recover and return to normal life. Read this article from HR Daily Advisor, Bridget Miller, for some beneficial tips to get your employee back to work quickly.

If you’ve ever had an employee out on workers’ compensation leave due to a workplace injury, you know how important it is to get that employee back to work as s...

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Evaluating Hotel and Hospitality Management Software

Are you in the market for a new Property Management System (PMS)? Whether you’re a full-service resort needing to integrate many applications across multiple outlets, a small chain hotel needing to share data between properties, or an independent property needing a simple but comprehensive system that includes property management and account capabilities, your Property Management System should be specifically tailored to the hospitality industry in order to simplify and speed up your management and accounting processes. Hospitalitynet, Ahmed Mahmoud, shares key steps to consider when selecting you next Property Management System.

Hotel and hospitality management software performs essential financial, organizational and operation functions for hotels, motels, resorts and bed & breakfasts, ...

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Poor internal communications: Why many leaders lose touch

Employees want their leaders to be more trustworthy and transparent. They want to believe that their leaders are focused on the betterment of the team. When leaders lack courage to achieve their full potential and that of others, it becomes a challenge to trust their judgement, self-confidence, self-awareness, and overall capabilities. BLR brings us interesting feedback realting to how employees feel about their leadership teams.

Failure of internal communications is the main reason leadership teams lose touch with employees, according to a survey of more than 300 executives and managers conducted by AMA Enterprise, which provides organizations with assessment, measurement and tailored training solutions.

One-third of those surveyed reported that their organization’s senior team opera...
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Thriving hotel industry prompts analysts to revise forecasts upward

The positive growth the hotel industry has experienced the past year is an encouraging sign. With US Hotels reaching all-time high occupancy levels, forecasters believe hoteliers will be able to increase their annual ADR pace in 2015. The combination of high occupancy levels and significant ADR growth will support strong bottom-line gains. In this article from Hotel Management, Bruce Serlen, explores some future forecast revisions from top industry analysts.

NEW YORK — With industry fundamentals for 2014 ending the year on a high note, analysts and consultants are getting more comfortable releasing optimistic forecasts for 2015-in two cases even revising upward their already positive predictions made in the past few months.

Such upbeat news from executives at PwC, PKF Hospitality Resea...

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Cornerstones of outstanding customer service

Customer Service is an essential part of our job and should NOT be seen as an extension of it. A company’s most vital asset is its customers. In essence, good customer service is all about bringing customers back. You will be judged by what you do and what you say. Learn about CORE Service Principles from Hotelier; Nick Bocock, in this article.


One thing is non-negotiable in order to drive customer loyalty and business profitability – your customers must receive outstanding customer service.

The CORE Service Principles identify the fundamental cornerstones of customer service delivery and provide customer service actions essential to the delivery of outstanding customer service...

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WAKEUP CALL Revolutionizes Risk Management for the Hospitality Industry with New Online Solution


Innovative new interactive web portal provides easy to use tools and valuable resources designed to streamline and simplify risk management processes for hotels.

WAKEUP CALL Revolutionizes Risk Management for the Hospitality Industry with New Online Solution


WAKEUP CALL, the first online risk management solution designed specifically for the hotel industry, today announced the official launch of its next generation SaaS-based platform. After successful beta testing with select hotel properties over the past two years, the unique WAKEUP CALL solution is now being made available though an affordable subscription model with a proven ROI...

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