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The Do’s and Dont’s of Cleaning Stayover Rooms

No other feature or service provided by hotel staff will impress the guest more than a spotlessly clean and comfortable guestroom! At the same time, a stayover room requires housekeepings utmost respect for the guest and the guests’ belongings. Continue reading this article provided by Lodging Magazine, William D. Frye, for a number of essential tips that are sure to impress your guest.

When it comes to guests’ personal items, it can be confusing for room attendants to decipher what’s off limits. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts when servicing stayover rooms:

Trash. Empty all trash cans and recycle bins. Any items inside these containers should be considered “discarded” and may be removed from the room. Any items too large to fit in the trash can (e.g...

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Virgin Hotels launches new app ‘Lucy’

“Lucy”, a name associated with comedy, cartoon, and now, a new hotel app. Virgin Hotels introduces “Lucy”, its mobile app that puts many aspects of the hotel experience at guests fingertips before, during, and after their stay. Brought to us from Next Big Thing.

Virgin Hotels launches new app ‘Lucy’

Virgin Hotels, the lifestyle hotel brand by Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, has introduced Lucy, its mobile app that allows guests to integrate their device into their hotel experience.

Lucy will give users a seamless and customised stay by transforming their digital ecosystem into a personal hotel assistant by fulfilling requests for services and amenities, functioning as the room thermostat, streaming personal content and more.

Doug Carrillo, vice president of sales and ...

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Delta Hotels and Resorts Moves Beyond PCI Compliance with Point-to-Point Encryption & Tokenization Solutions

By now you should be aware of the rapidly growing security threats to the lodging industry. Hospitality Technology tells us how Delta Hotels and Resorts moved beyond PCI Compliance to ensure the maximum overall security plan.

As a full-service hotel chain catering to corporate and leisure travelers, Delta Hotels and Resorts, founded in 1962, has grown to become Canada’s leading hotel management company. Today, they boast a diversified portfolio of 37 city-center, airport and resort properties.
In 2012, faced with the requirement to implement advanced security solutions across their brand and to reduce the amount of human and financial resources expended on PCI Compliance, the company moved away from an outdated premise-based payment gateway to a Merchant Link cloud-based solution th...

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What Hotel Leadership Should Know About the Emerging Trend of Assault and Battery Claims

While many hotel leaders and their HR Managers are very familiar with addressing employee claims for illegal harassment, they are now going to have to pay attention to developing state law claims as well. Converge, Michael Elkon, defines some specific steps to follow to help protect against assault and battery claims.

Ask nearly any leader in the hotel industry and/or their HR manager for the definition of a “hostile work environment,” and they will have a pretty solid answer. That’s because many of them have had to handle employee claims for illegal harassment. Further, these leaders, for the most part, have dealt with such employee issues as inappropriate conduct that have the potential to become a lawsuit.

Now ask these same leaders and their HR managers to provide a legal...

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Vancouver woman allows herself to be bitten by thousands of bedbugs for study developing new bait trap

Bedbugs be gone! These insects can pop up just about anywhere. They’re in apartments, churches, hospitals, laundromats, movie theaters, your neighborhood offices, and yes, often times, hotels. New York Daily News; Jason Silverstein, shares this article bringing hope for a solution to the growing bedbug infestation.

Regine Gries and her husband Gerhard are biologists at Simon Fraser University. They teamed up years ago to tackle a trap that could kill bedbugs, with Regine subjecting herself to thousands of bites for a bait that could be available later this year.

Here’s one noble cause no New Yorker would ever consider.

A Vancouver biologist has offered herself to be bitten by tens of thousands of bedbugs in a years-long project to try eliminating the vile vermin.

Regine Gries has will...

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The 6 Most Common OSHA 300A Mistakes & How Not to Make Them Yourself

REMINDER: Stay in compliance – Post your OSHA 300 A Annual Summaries for 2014 by February 1, 2015! SafetySmart Compliance brings attention to 6 common mistakes NOT to make.

Reminder OSHA 300 Log

You don’t need us to remind you that you have until Feb. 1 to prepare, certify and post your OSHA 300 A Annual Summaries for 2013. But what we can do to help you through the process is caution you against 6 common mistakes that lead to citations for violation of the OSHA recordkeeping rules (including Sec. 1904.32 of the Recordkeeping standard).

1. Not Preparing the Summary because There Were No Recordables

Preparation and certification of the OSHA 300-A Summary for 2013 (and every year, for that matter) is required even if you were fortunate enough not to have had any recordable cases at the company for the ye...

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What’s your status?

Brought to you from SafeStaff and WAKEUP CALL!



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WAKEUP CALL Maximizes Risk Management Coverage While Slashing Costs at Destination Properties

Unique hospitality industry web platform provides hotel development and operation company with streamlined access to professional legal advice, as well as comprehensive and effective HR and procedural management services.


WAKEUP CALL, the first online risk management solution designed specifically for the hotel industry, has been selected by Destination Properties, LLC, a California-based hotel and resort development and management company, to revamp and enhance the effectiveness of its risk management, procedural and human resource processes at its Grass Valley, California property, the Gold Miner’s Inn...

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Top 10 Considerations for Employers Addressing Ebola and Other Dangerous Contagious Diseases in the Workplace

Prepare your workplace for disease risks like Ebola. But as you, employers, develop response strategies, be mindful of employee privacy, anti-discrimination, and other employment laws and regulations. WilsonElser educates us on the issues below.

Ebola Picture

The Ebola virus is the current example of workplace issues facing employers when a potentially deadly infectious disease spreads in the population.

Until July 2014, the Ebola virus contained in the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone presented no real risk to Americans on American soil. Since that time, just over a dozen patients have been treated for and/or diagnosed with the Ebola virus on U.S. soil...

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5 Workplace wellness trends of 2015

Wellness Programs are changing the workplace culture aspiring happier, more productive and efficient staffs. Review the important workplace trends with BLR, Brian Shapland, and create your inspiring workplace culture today!

Whether it’s a hamburger grilled to order or discovering the perfect smartphone app, our culture not only appreciates personalized experiences, but increasingly, we expect them. The workplace is no different. Professionals, and particularly Millenials, are saying “no thanks” to remaining tethered to a workstation for 8 hours a day—they’re looking for a culture of choice and control, and business leaders are taking notice.

Turnstone recently conducted a survey of over 500 small business owners employing fewer than 100 people, and found that office culture ...
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