WAKEUP CALL Maximizes Risk Management Coverage While Slashing Costs at Destination Properties

Unique hospitality industry web platform provides hotel development and operation company with streamlined access to professional legal advice, as well as comprehensive and effective HR and procedural management services.


WAKEUP CALL, the first online risk management solution designed specifically for the hotel industry, has been selected by Destination Properties, LLC, a California-based hotel and resort development and management company, to revamp and enhance the effectiveness of its risk management, procedural and human resource processes at its Grass Valley, California property, the Gold Miner’s Inn. Utilizing WAKEUP CALL’s proactive approach to risk management, Destination Properties has reported a significant improvement in its risk mitigation and coverage capabilities, while experiencing measurable cost savings.

Destination Properties’ leadership team initially became attracted to WAKEUP CALL’s online platform, in order to keep pace with the state’s fluctuating laws in a cost-effective, yet practical manner that does not sacrifice quality of service. For Gold Miner’s Inn, which features 80 state-of-the-art guestrooms and suites, this has proven to be particularly essential when attempting to navigate complex legal framework, such as employment agreements or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

“Maintaining effective legal support is a universally required, yet typically costly investment when it comes to operating any property, regardless of size or location,” said Michael Bullis, president of Destination Properties, LLC. “By using WAKEUP CALL with its flat-rate subscription service, our staff now has instant access to professional legal advice whenever a potential issue arises, without having to concern themselves with the high costs that generally come along with such services. In the past, we have had to weigh the benefits vs. expense of seeking out legal opinion; a factor which can prove even costlier in the long term, if miscalculated.”

In addition to offering professional and affordable legal and HR support, WAKEUP CALL’s Cloud-based solution provides a comprehensive range of risk management services, including claims management, certificate tracking, and contract storage and management. The convenient online platform also offers clients unlimited access to live message boards and discussion forums that are available through its mobile-friendly website. Properties such as Destination Properties also benefit from a variety of tools designed to enhance employee performance and safety, through access to training modules, forms and one of the industry’s largest databases of current safety data sheets (SDS).

“Implementation of WAKEUP CALL’s platform has proven to be a tremendous asset in coordinating day-to-day procedures, such as interactions with guests and other members of staff,” stated Bullis. “With instant access to constantly updated and easy-to-understand information kits on protocols such as OSHA compliance, we can rest assured that all representatives act accordingly in line with both legal and property rules at all times. Doing so not only impacts our ability to maintain a successful business, but also ensures transparency and fairness to employees and guests alike.”

WAKEUP CALL’s administrative features allow hoteliers to standardize practices and processes across either a single property or an entire portfolio, making it ideal for both independent properties or hotel groups and management companies.

“In developing WAKEUP CALL, we have created a unique Cloud-based platform specifically for the hotel industry, providing client properties with easy remote access to a full range of risk management services,” said David DeMoss, president and founder of WAKEUP CALL. “The benefits experienced by Destination Properties demonstrate our platform’s ability to offer a tailored solution that serves as the single source for streamlining a range of operational and risk management processes. With WAKEUP CALL, hoteliers no longer have to rely on a broker, carrier or payroll company to provide them with the risk management resources. We provide all the tools they need in one affordable, easily accessible solution.”

To learn more about WAKEUP CALL or to schedule a free demo, please visit www.wakeupcall.net, or click here to sign up for a free 15-day risk-free trial.


WAKEUP CALL is the premier online risk management solution for the hospitality industry. Launched in 2011, and bolstered by more than 20 years of company leadership expertise in all aspects of risk management, WAKEUP CALL provides hoteliers across the country with the first and only single-source, SaaS-based platform that offers complete, real-time information and tools to manage potential employee/employer and property liability concerns. With unique features such as access to live hospitality risk management experts and employment law professionals, online industry specific training, OSHA and safety training, a comprehensive, up-to-date database of safety data sheets (SDS), certificate of insurance tracking, legal forms and documents, WAKEUP CALL’s mission is to help proactive hoteliers streamline the risk management process and avoid costly legal issues. For more information, please visit www.wakeupcall.net.

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