WAKEUP CALL Streamlines Risk Management and Staff Training Protocol for StaySD Hotel Management Properties

San Diego-based hotel management group benefits from remote access to detailed training modules, professional legal advice and effortless document retrieval and storage.

San Diego, CA – February 2, 2015 –WAKEUP CALL, the first online risk management solution designed specifically for the hotel industry, has been implemented by StaySD Hotel Management, for their four California hotel properties, maximizing the efficiency of risk management procedures and staff skill enhancement, while providing the ability to access and share vital documents between sister properties. The Quality Inn Temecula, Super 8 Escondido, Vagabond Inn Chula Vista and Highway Inn Chula Vista have all recently joined an increasing number of properties implementing WAKEUP CALL, hospitality’s premier online risk management solution. Recognized as the first and only single-source, SaaS-based platform, WAKEUP CALL offers complete, real-time information and tools to manage potential employee/employer and other liability issues. The unique online platform also allows for easy access to HR and employment law specialists, as well as up-to-date corporate documents, providing hoteliers with the right set of tools to successfully navigate intricate and often complex laws, rules and regulations.

“WAKEUP CALL’s unique ability to organize and manage insurance-related matters along with its inter-property document sharing functionality is what initially motivated us to implement its services,” said Jyoti Sarolia, owner/operator of the four StaySD Hotel Management properties. “In the past, our staff often had to rely on an insurance company for information and support throughout the course of any given incident; something that often involved the need to communicate with a number of different departments. By using WAKEUP CALL, our properties are now able to gain immediate access to any relevant information needed, along with instant support from their professional legal advisors.”

Serving as a one-stop hotel risk management solution, WAKEUP CALL also provides hotels with online contract management and tools that give members the ability to effectively manage insurance issues, as well as access to online training modules that enhance staff efficiency and increase their knowledge of safety and liability regulations.

“Since utilizing WAKEUP CALL to manage day-to-day employee issues, management has been able to streamline information, while gaining the unique ability to remotely access it from virtually anywhere,” stated Sarolia. “The additional advantage of being able to provide employees with direct access to online training modules provides greater peace-of-mind to hoteliers like ourselves who, as a result, can be confident of the fact that staff members are fully knowledgeable and up-to-date with safety, OSHA and other required training.”

As demonstrated by Sarolia’s experience in operating multiple properties using one risk management platform, WAKEUP CALL is optimized to allow the standardization of processes and documentation across an entire hotel portfolio or chain, which allows the corporate office to manage more with less effort.

“In designing and developing WAKEUP CALL, we endeavored to not only provide a tailored risk management platform for the specific needs of individual properties, but to also allow for essential communication and the sharing of vital resources across a range of hotels belonging to the same group,” said David DeMoss, president and founder of WAKEUP CALL. “As opposed to dealing with the complications of maneuvering between different carriers or brokers when working with more than one location, multi-property hoteliers are instead able to leverage one comprehensive tool that provides an affordable, streamlined and easy-to-use solution.”

To learn more about WAKEUP CALL or to schedule a free demo, please visit www.wakeupcall.net, or click here to sign up for a free 15-day risk-free trial.



WAKEUP CALL is the premier online risk management solution for the hospitality industry. Launched in 2011, and bolstered by more than 20 years of company leadership expertise in all aspects of risk management, WAKEUP CALL provides hoteliers across the country with the first and only single-source, SaaS-based platform that offers complete, real-time information and tools to manage potential employee/employer and property liability concerns. With unique features such as access to live hospitality risk management experts and employment law professionals, online industry specific training, OSHA and safety training, a comprehensive, up-to-date database of safety data sheets (SDS), certificate of insurance tracking, legal forms and documents, WAKEUP CALL”s mission is to help proactive hoteliers streamline the risk management process and avoid costly legal issues. For more information, please visit www.wakeupcall.net.

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