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Priceline’s Acquisition of RocketMiles Should Have Hotels Worried

Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them. Just as some hotels have begun to master the ability to manage distribution at the property level abd wean themselves from their dependence on OTA’s, top OTA companies have thrown them a curveball. Hotels need to be worried. Hotel Online, Pranav Patel, explains why.

Hotel operators need to be worried about Priceline’s most recent acquisition.

Expedia’s recent acquisition of Travelocity and now Orbitz has overshadowed Priceline’s tiny acquisition of RocketMiles. While the Expedia deals are certainly cause for concern as further consolidation means two major players control 95% of the OTA market, Priceline’s acquisition has the potential to revolutionize their marketplace...

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Employee Theft – Protecting More Than Property

How you handle a case of employee theft can mean the difference between a simple matter and complicated litigation. By practicing unwavering hiring and training procedures and having proper hotel policies in place, employers can limit potential theft along with possible liability claims related to employee theft situations. In this article, Converge, Andria Lure Ryan, shares a few “best practices” for handling employee theft and controlling your exposure to litigation.

The problem of employee theft in hotels is an age-old problem. Businesses lose billion of dollars each year in employee theft. And hotels, by nature, present numerous opportunities for employee theft from guests and the house...

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