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Employment-at-will doctrine gets court’s backing

Great news for employers! Most employers today are aware and fully understand the meaning of “at will” employment. Although there are a few exceptions to the doctrine, employers do not need good cause to fire an employee. In all states in the United States except Montana, the law presumes that private sector employees are employed “at will”. Unless an employee can prove they are not an at will employee, chances are your “at will” employment practices will get the court’s backing as it did in this recent case with Wyndham. Karen Morris with Hotel Management Operations defines the case for us.

at will doctrine

The employment-at-will doctrine is well and alive. This is the rule that says both the employer and employee can terminate a job at any time for any reason.

Here’s an example of the ...

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6 New Haven hotels guilty of ADA violations

Nearly twenty-five years have passed since the Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA) was signed into law, yet many still question whether their property must comply or simply overlook the significant and costly implications that compliance under the federal ADA could have on the hotel’s bottom line in the future. A recent article from FOXCT, Samantha Schoenfeld, reveals how common non-compliance of ADA regulations is in the hotel industry and what investigators are doing to ensure you comply.

new haven la-quinta

NEW HAVEN–Several hotels in the New Haven area were found to be violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

The Justice Department does periodic reviews of private entities that own or operate “places of public accommodation,” which includes hot...

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Desso launches ‘talking’ carpets

Stunning design, yet sustainable, with added functionality, and amplifying ambience. Desso’s unique and innovative Luminous Carpets create instant pizzazz to high traffic areas. Read the captivating article from TradeArabia News Service.

desso talking carpet

Desso, a leading European carpet manufacturer, has launched Luminous Carpets, a practical application for high-traffic sites such as airports, and a possible effective emergency safety mechanism in hotel corridors.

As a result of a collaborative partnership between Philips Lighting and Desso, Luminous Carpets integrates LED (light emitting diode) lighting and light transmissive carpets to provide a patented flooring solution for use in high-traffic environments where signage, images and messages are key for the safe and organised movement of people.

It ...

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Starwood’s high-tech hotel rooms have robot butlers and smart mirrors

Did you ever think we would see the day of smart mirrors, smart thermostats, app-controlled lighting, and sustainable outdoor canopies that collects energy from the sun and let you charge your phone by the pool? A fascinating, and fun article from Mashable, written by Samantha Murphy Kelly, awaits you.

Starwood Experience Smart Mirror

STAMFORD, Conn. — If you find yourself at certain Starwood hotels in the next few months, you’ll be able to enter your room with the tap of an iPhone or Apple Watch, touch the mirror for weather updates and even request a robot butler to bring you a toothbrush.

At its Stamford, Connecticut-based headquarters, Starwood is hard at work testing concept rooms filled with smart technology that’s already reached three of its chains: Four Points by Sheraton, boutique concept Aloft and its sustai...

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Magnolia Hotel first in pilot project to train workers in spotting sex traffickers

The hospitality industry contains all the elements that can lead to human trafficking. Whether it’s a five-star resort or a disreputable rent by the hour hotel, no hotel is immune to the trade.  Often times, sexually trafficked women and children are hiding in plain sight. Hoteliers have unique opportunities to create awareness and enforcement throughout the industry.  Cindy Gonzalez / World-Herald staff writer reports Omaha’s Magnolia Hotel first to promote pilot project to train workers in spotting sex traffickers.


With its valet parking, two ballrooms and swanky suites, which at times command $1,400 a night, downtown Omaha’s Magnolia Hotel doesn’t seem like a prime place for pimps and prostitutes.

But no hotel or motel is immune to sex trafficking, experts say...

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State Ban the Box Laws

Fair chance policies benefit everyone! The laws often referred to as “ban the box” laws motivate employers to consider job candidates based on the applicant’s qualifications without the humiliation of the criminal record. Some states have adopted statues that specifically indicate when an employer may legally ask about a candidate’s criminal history.  The chart below, constructed by HireRight, “describes the question of when an employer may ask about criminal histories.”

State Ban the Box Rules





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‘Wake And Bake’ Gets A Whole New Meaning At Bud+Breakfast, Colorado’s Pot-Friendly Hotel Group

With Colorado on the leading edge and becoming the first marijuana friendly tourism state, it was only a matter of time until hotels started stepping up to the plate. From Huffington Post, Alison Spiegel, meet Bed + Breakfast Hotel Group and its properties offering their quests a home feeling while experiencing cannabis with others.


With so-called “pot tourists” flocking to Colorado to take advantage of the state’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana, it was only a matter of time until hotels started stepping up to the plate. Welcome to Bud+Breakfast, Colorado’s first hotel group dedicated specifically to weed tourism.

Bud + Breakfast consists of two properties: The Adagio, a Victorian home with six suites, and Silverthorne, a mountain lodge with four suites...

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Warrantless Searches of Hotel Guest Registers

“Although the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on whether the Los Angeles municipal ordinance represents an unwarranted search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment, innkeepers must still be careful in not complying with lawful requests for the inspection of guest information.” The innkeeper must request a warrant from any police agency for private guest information, if, in fact, the guests are properly registered into the hotel. Converge, James O. Eiler, helps us examine the facts and determine the role of the innkeeper in these situations.

hotel searches and seizures

Many municipalities have enacted ordinances that authorize local police agencies to enter a hotel during regular business hours and request an inspection of the guest register to obtain information as to who is in the hotel, when they checked in and ...

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The Dawn of the Robot Revolution

If using robotics improves customer service and lowers costs, will you entertain the idea of robotics on your hotel property(s)? Read the very cool article below brought to us from Hotel Interactive Mobile.

Hotel Robotic

The hotel industry is going robotic. But not in a scary Skynet Terminator style way, thankfully. No, this fleet of robots is helping hoteliers save money and boost customer service all while adding a fun way for guests to interact with an intriguing piece of technology.

Created by Savioke, Relay recently appeared at HI Connect® where this friendly and easy to program robot excited and delighted conference attendees about the future potential for robotics in hospitality...

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Proposed FLSA overtime regs go to OMB for review

A Salary doesn’t always mean no overtime. One of the biggest misunderstandings by employers is that paying a salary means companies do not have to pay overtime. For the employer who gets this wrong, the consequences are potentially huge. Employers get ready! The FLSA proposed changes to overtime will likely have a substantial effect on your workforce. BLR, Susan Prince, gives us a view of how the potential changes will look and insight into what it will cost employers.


The federal Department of Labor (DOL) has submitted proposed changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulations to the office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review. These regulations will increase the number of employees nationwide who qualify for overtime.

Employers get ready, because these ov...
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