Desso launches ‘talking’ carpets

Stunning design, yet sustainable, with added functionality, and amplifying ambience. Desso’s unique and innovative Luminous Carpets create instant pizzazz to high traffic areas. Read the captivating article from TradeArabia News Service.

desso talking carpet


Desso, a leading European carpet manufacturer, has launched Luminous Carpets, a practical application for high-traffic sites such as airports, and a possible effective emergency safety mechanism in hotel corridors.

As a result of a collaborative partnership between Philips Lighting and Desso, Luminous Carpets integrates LED (light emitting diode) lighting and light transmissive carpets to provide a patented flooring solution for use in high-traffic environments where signage, images and messages are key for the safe and organised movement of people.

It is a perfect fit for the aviation and hospitality sector, a spokesperson said.

Desso, a Tarkett company, is a leading carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches business. It is active in more than 100 countries and has its Middle East and Africa regional headquarters in Dubai, UAE.

Both an aesthetically-pleasing as well as highly practical flooring solution, Desso’s Luminous Carpets collection is designed to transform the way people interact with a space. Its many uses include floor level directional signage in international airports, or in hotel corridors to direct people to safety exits in the event of an emergency.

Specially developed LED units are installed underneath the light transmissive carpet. These programmable LED units can display information, show directions and even logos and newsfeeds. When switched off, the solution is invisible.

“The technology takes advantage of our tendency to be guided by the floor when moving through different spaces, making it the ideal solution for busy environments such as airports as well as confined spaces like hotel corridors and maybe in the future even aircraft cabins, where user safety is of paramount importance,” said Andre Dulka, regional director, Middle East, Africa and India, Desso.

“Great to look at and incredibly durable, the Luminous Carpets collection reflects Desso’s continued focus on delivering innovation to the market as well as adding long-term value to spaces in more than just simply the classic design sense,” Dulka said.

The state-of-the-art carpet also enhances the ambience and atmosphere of building interiors by blending lighting with design and colour, and is a useful way to de-clutter spaces by making information visible only when required.




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