6 New Haven hotels guilty of ADA violations

Nearly twenty-five years have passed since the Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA) was signed into law, yet many still question whether their property must comply or simply overlook the significant and costly implications that compliance under the federal ADA could have on the hotel’s bottom line in the future. A recent article from FOXCT, Samantha Schoenfeld, reveals how common non-compliance of ADA regulations is in the hotel industry and what investigators are doing to ensure you comply.


new haven la-quinta


NEW HAVEN–Several hotels in the New Haven area were found to be violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

The Justice Department does periodic reviews of private entities that own or operate “places of public accommodation,” which includes hotels, to ensure that no one is being discriminated against. No specific complaint led to this review.

The investigation revealed that of 12 New Haven hotels randomly picked to be evaluated, only six were in full compliance of the ADA. Hotels were asked to complete a survey, and then investigators did onsite inspections to confirm survey responses.

The government is working with the hotels to help them fix any violations. So far, three hotels–the La Quinta Inn and Suites, Courtyard Marriott and New Haven Hotel–have settled with the government and are cooperating. The government is still working with the other three towards voluntary compliance agreements.

“The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that residents and visitors alike are able to access and enjoy the state’s hotels and other public accommodations,” stated U.S. attorney Deirdre Daly.  “Ensuring these public places are equally accessible to all is essential for businesses to properly serve a diverse population who live, work and visit Connecticut.  We look forward to working with the owners and operators of these hotels as we assess their compliance with federal law and work cooperatively to secure voluntary compliance.”


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