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Close the door on hotel booking scams

“It is no fun when the traveler shows up at the hotel and is told he or she has no reservation!” Spare yourself an angry guest or a “bad” review! Train staff to encourage guests to shop smart, pay attention to detail, keep their guard up, and double check URL’s for misleading booking sites. The Hill, Mary E. Power, guides travelers to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for more information.

I love hotels! One of my fondest childhood memories is accompanying my father, a small town doctor, to medical conferences for his continuing education credits. My brother and I probably drove hotel employees crazy as we explored around, but hotels seemed like such fascinating and exciting places to me...

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Cybersecurity: Boards Must Ask Sharper, Smarter Questions

Wrapping your arms around Cybersecurity has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks businesses face today. What many people don’t understand is that no security is ever perfect! When addressing Cybersecurity, it is essential that the main emphasis be directed towards how to decrease the risk of attack and the process for managing one when it occurs. Front Page Headlines, Kim S. Nash, directs us to some key points Directors should be asking their Cybersecurity Chiefs.

Boards are trying to build more productive, transparent relationships with cybersecurity chiefs to decrease the risk of attack. But directors can by stymied by a lack of basic security knowledge.

New guidance from the National Association of Corporate Directors suggests asking more searching questions of chief info...

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Pool Fire at Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas Fueled by Cabanas, Artificial Plants, Fire Dept. Says

A strange smell, caused by the burning plastic of artificial plants,  alarmed guests in a nearby cabana on the 14th floor pool deck at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas . Within minutes, the cabana was engulfed in flames. With raging flames spreading rapidly across the pool deck causing clouds of thick black smoke, guests were quickly evacuated from the pool deck along with several floors of the hotel.  Story reported by Emily Shapiro via Good Morning America.

Firefighters battled a raging blaze today on a 14th-floor pool deck at The Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas.

The fire began around 12:15 p.m. at the Cosmopolitan’s Bamboo Pool at the West End tower, The Cosmopolitan said in a statement.

The pool’s cabanas and artificial plants helped fuel the blaze, which spread through the a...

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Credit card industry faces October deadline on more secure cards

It’s time to make the move! October 1, 2015 is right around the corner and coming quickly. The transition to EMV means greater protection against fraud. It’s clear that small businesses are getting hit from all directions by the rising cost of doing business and converting to EMV can be expensive; however, if you don’t switch to EMV and someone commits credit card fraud through your point-of-sale system, the liability you will face could put you right out of business. Advisen Front Page News outlines some important facts.

The clock is ticking and the rush is on for issuers of credit cards to add the “chips” needed to make the pieces of plastic more secure from fraud and theft as consumers use them amid an environment increasingly fraught with data and security breaches.


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Simple Safety Chart


Simple Safety Chart


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3-year-old girl dies in hotel fall on Disneyland vacation

The “magic years” of three and four year olds begin a time when your child’s world is dominated by fantasy and vivid imagination. One can imagine the glowing sparkle in the eyes of a three year old little girl visiting “the happiest place on earth”, Disneyland. This family vacation quickly went horribly wrong ending in the tragic loss of their toddler and instantly changing their lives forever. New York Daily News, Melissa Chan, describes the event.

Stepahnie Martinez, 3, (l.) died after falling off a hotel balcony in anaheim, Calif., while on vacation with her family in Disneyland, authorities said.

A Las Vegas family’s trip to Disneyland turned tragic after a 3-year-old girl plunged to her death from the fifth floor of a hotel, authorities said.

Stephanie Martinez died Satu...

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Getting a Grip on Hotel Insurance Purchasing Priorities

by David DeMoss

Hotels are under constant risk of costly scenarios such as guest lawsuits or employee workers compensation claims. To many hotel owners, insurance may seem like nothing more than a necessary evil and a drain on the bottom line. Others may see it as an overwhelming endeavor they deal with every year. Yet, approaching the topic with the right understanding and prioritization may mean the difference between continuing to run a successful business or facing an insurmountable financial crisis. 

hotel insurance purchasing 1In navigating the complex task of selecting the most appropriate insurance policy, the decision typically comes down to four factors: price, coverage, service and buyer/broker relationships...

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Hotel safety from the employee perspective

A genuine commitment to workplace safety within the hospitality industry is critical in reducing vulnerability to the risk of injury, illness or even fatality. From cleaning guest rooms, to serving meals, to maintaining hotel grounds, employees are put in situations each day that can put them at risk. The most common injuries often occur from sprains and repetitive work, but employees can also experience risks related to slips and falls, indoor air quality, violence, bloodborne pathogens, chemical exposure, and more. Frequent and effective safety training can go a long way! Hotel Management, Elliot Mest, has a few simple but effective safety suggestions.

hotel employee safety

Operators are always very concerned with guest safety, but the safety of a hotel’s employees also must be taken under consideration...

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No Vacation for Employment Law: New “Interpretation” for Independent Contractors Issued by USDOL

Overwhelmed by the continuous changes to Employment Law being handed down by cities, states, and the federal government? Don’t expect it to lighten up any time soon! The USDOL has just released guidance on the highly confusing issue of when an individual is an independent contractor and will soon be issuing another interpretation of when an individual is an administrator. JD Supra, Daniel Schwartz, reports on the USDOL’s interpretation for Independent Contractors.

Ensuring Compliance Around Independent Contractors

Whatever happened to summer vacation? You remember, that downtime, when nothing much happened?

First, there were new proposed OT rules. Then, word came out EARLY (I got an alert at 6a!) today that the U. S...

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3 ways to protect your POS from hacks

Three popular San Diego Hotels recently joined the ever-growing list of hotel Point-of-sale (POS) hacks. Although many businesses continue to put preventive measures in place, they may actually be opening themselves up to more susceptibility. Hotel News Now, Shawn A. Turner explains how this can happen and what you can do to help avoid risk exposure.  

hotel pos hacks

Data hackers are breaking into hotels’ technology infrastructure by way of POS vulnerabilities. Here are three ways to keep these invaders at bay.

GLOBAL REPORT—The point of sale has emerged as the hotel industry’s Achilles’ heel as hackers continue to target guests’ credit card information.

The reason is simple, said sources contacted for this report. The POS handles a high volume of credit card transactions.

John Bell worke...

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