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Housekeepers Call For Workplace Safety Improvements At Hotel Monaco Chicago

Without employees a business doesn’t exist! One of the best ways to show employees you care about them is to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Small improvements go a long way. Something as simple as replacing heavy tools with lightweight easy to maneuver tools to proper training often changes the entire dynamics of the job along with the moral of the employees. Happy employees generally translates to more productive employees which in turn brings higher profits! Taking simple steps now to make improvements will usually prevent exposure in the future!  Progress Illinois, Ellyn Fortino, exposes poor working conditions and unhappy hotel employees in Chicago.

Housekeepers at the Hotel Monaco Chicago say the workplace pain they experience is impacting their quality of life.

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Northland hotel pool where child drowned remains closed for unrelated violations

No doubt about it, pools are appealing, but they are also risky. It is the responsibility of the pool owner to take necessary safety precautions to prevent drownings. Because of the potential for liability and the responsibility to protect all who use and/or visit the pool and its surrounding area, it is crucial that pool administrators comply with all local, state and federal requirements. Pool signage and fencing are an absolute must! Keeping emergency communication devices near the pool, first aid kits, and safety devices as well as ensuring staff is properly trained and certified may not completely eliminate the liability of the pool, but they will; however, help prevent accidents and provide evidence that the hotel has exercised “reasonable care” to reduce danger to guests...

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Getting physical: A $10 device to clone RFID access keys on the go

“Better encryption is needed to ensure that hackers can’t pick up RFID frequencies with super-sensitive antennae.” People come into contact with RFID technology every day in many forms, from passes that employees use to gain access to the buildings or the departments they work to entering hotel rooms, and using cell phones and credit cards to pay for purchases simply by waiving them in front of readers. Although the technology creates quick and convenient methods, the technology once thought to be highly secure simply isn’t any more secure than a standard key. ZD Net, Charlie Osbourne, breaks down the facts.

A tiny open-source skimmer is due for public release within weeks.

A $10 device capable of skimming access cards on the go is soon to be released into the open-source commu...

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