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Hotel protesters arrested in Tempe before football game

Unhappy employees of the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel rally in the streets of Tempe, causing disruption in the streets and to local businesses.  A reflection of other protests popping up all over the county, employees push for improved treatment, lighter workloads, higher wages with better benefits as well as safe working conditions, and threaten to unionize if they are not heard.  ABC 15, Lauren Vargas, reports the story.

TEMPE, AZ – Eleven protesters were taken away in handcuffs in Tempe after blocking traffic on Mill Avenue, in an effort to make a statement about worker’s rights.

Hundreds marched on Mill Avenue just as the sun was setting Thursday night. It was the end of an all-day rally outside the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel.

“We’re trying to not let everyone proceed with busines...

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Drinking On The Job? Five Things Employers Need To Know In The Wake Of The USC Football Coach Controversy

Employers should always use supporting documentation in addressing employees suspected of alcohol abuse and/or addiction. As an employer, it is not your role to diagnose an alcohol problem. When the abuse of alcohol interferes with an employee’s ability to perform his/her duties, it is the employer’s obligation to exercise leadership in dealing with the performance or conduct problem by holding the employee accountable, referring the employee to an Early Assessment Program (EAP), and by taking appropriate disciplinary action in order to keep the employee and the workplace safe. Fisher & Phillips LLP suggests suitable guidelines below.

Football powerhouse USC (University of Southern California) fired its head football coach Steve Sarkisian on October 12, 2015, after it was widely rep...

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A Former Facebook Employee Is Building the Hotel of the Future

As customers across hotel markets evolve, one hotel group takes a more relaxed and genuine approach with the employees and guests, almost certain to make each guest stay stand out and be a truly memorable experience. Thinking beyond the traditional hotel service mindset, Arrive Hotels plans to bypass guest lobby check-in offering a more modern and connected guest approach by having guests enter and check-in to the hotel through the hotel’s restaurant and bar offering more personalized employee-guest engagement. Conde Nast Traveler, Juliana Shallcross, shares the story.

A new hotel in Palm Springs is snubbing traditional hotel services in favor of a casual and comfortable style, with a little help from modern technology.

Imagine checking into your hotel room from the hotel bar whil...

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Minnesota Chamber seeks to head off ‘drive-by’ disability-access lawsuits

From West Coast to East Coast, most hospitality companies are well aware of “drive-by” ADA lawsuits. Many times the suits are filed by individuals who have not even stepped foot on the properties, and in most cases, the property owners are not aware they are in violation of the ADA regulations.  Since settling the lawsuits generally cost much less than fighting the allegations, it has become common practice for property owners to settle the suits without a fight. Star Tribune, Dan Browning reports how Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is fighting back for its businesses.

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce says it will seek to amend state and federal laws to head off what it describes as serial lawsuits demanding access for people with disabilities as a way to generate lucrative attorn...

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7 arrested in hotel drug bust

Employee crimes on your property can ruin your business leaving you with a tarnished reputation. In many instances, a simple criminal background check along with employee security and safety training can prevent the very element that may destroy your business. Proper employee training and procedures in all parts of the house is key to recognizing the red flags that lead up to most crimes., Christina Calloway, reveals the facts.

A local hotel employee and six of his friends were arrested last week after it was discovered he was allegedly allowing his friends to “squat” in empty hotel rooms for drug use, police said.

Police responded to the Days Inn after there were reports of trespassers in rooms that were marked as vacant.

Police used a master key to enter the ...

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California Fair Pay Act Increases Risk of Liability for Gender-Based Differentials in Pay

California will soon hold the toughest fair pay act in the country. In an effort to close the wage gap between men and women, California recently signed into law “The Fair Pay Act” requiring comparable pay for “substantially similar” work. Expected to take effect January 1, 2016 the legislation also shifts the burden of proof of acceptable pay differences to the employer. JD Supra Business Advisor/Hopkins & Carley define the details.

Last week, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 358, the California Fair Pay Act, a bill intended to help eliminate inequality between the wages of male and female employees.  The new law becomes effective on January 1, 2016.

Existing law already prohibits discrimination in compensation, but Senate Bill 358 enhances existing protections by reducing ...

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Hotel Burnham Chicago Housekeepers Speak Out About Pain On The Job

As more hotel employees are solicited by unions, it is more important now than ever to make a genuine commitment to workplace safety. Creating a safe atmosphere by ensuring that your employees are properly trained and have everything they need to perform their jobs safely and successfully speaks volumes to employees.  Confident and happy employees often times leads to loyal employees.  Progress Illinois, outlines the growing trend to unionize.

Housekeepers at the Hotel Burnham in Chicago say their strenuous workloads are taking a toll on their bodies, and they are speaking out about the workplace pain they experience.

The housekeepers plan to rally Friday afternoon outside the hotel, 1 W. Washington St., to call attention to the issue...

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California man drives Hummer into hotel room

This is one way to say, hello!  When his family would not answer their hotel room door, this man took matters into his own hands, trying to reach his family in an unusually dangerous fashion by driving his vehicle right through the exterior wall of the hotel while his family slept across the hall.  On top of it all, the hotel suffered more damage than the man and his vehicle.  New York Daily News, David Boroff reports this bizarre story.

It was a strange way to say hello.

A California man repeatedly rammed his Hummer into the wall of a hotel as he apparently tried to reach the room where family members were staying, cops said.

Initially, Richard Melendez was causing a smaller disruption by banging on the door of his mother’s and sister’s room at 1 a.m...

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Police say Bangor woman operated meth lab in hotel room in Brewer

Already burdened with convoluted security issues, hoteliers are faced with the rising problem of jury-rigged methamphetamine labs emerging in hotel rooms across the U.S., putting their properties, guests and employees in danger. Portland Press Herald, Dennis Hoey, reports a recent episode in Maine.

The cleaning staff at the Vacationland Inn reports the lab, and authorities charge Erica Hodgdon with drug trafficking.

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency says it has found another methamphetamine lab, this time in a hotel in Brewer.

The cleaning staff discovered the meth lab Thursday morning in one of the guest rooms at the Vacationland Inn on Wilson Street, said Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

 The woman who rented the room had been arrested earlier i...
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EconoLodge maintenance man arrested for stealing gun from hotel room

Even though many employees coming out of the prison system are genuinely appreciative of the opportunity to participate in the workforce and many times end up being some of the most productive members of the team, it is crucial that those candidates with a prior criminal conviction(s) be evaluated in terms of their qualifications, and risk to the hotel and public safety. Equally important is the follow up by the employer should they be hired., Valencia Jones describes a recent incident at EconoLodge in Daleville involving an employee with a criminal history.

Police said maintenance man Solomon Henderson had the keys to all rooms at the EconoLodge in Daleville and went through one hotel guest’s luggage, stealing a gun...

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