7 arrested in hotel drug bust

Employee crimes on your property can ruin your business leaving you with a tarnished reputation. In many instances, a simple criminal background check along with employee security and safety training can prevent the very element that may destroy your business. Proper employee training and procedures in all parts of the house is key to recognizing the red flags that lead up to most crimes. HavasuNews.com, Christina Calloway, reveals the facts.



A local hotel employee and six of his friends were arrested last week after it was discovered he was allegedly allowing his friends to “squat” in empty hotel rooms for drug use, police said.

Police responded to the Days Inn after there were reports of trespassers in rooms that were marked as vacant.

Police used a master key to enter the room after the occupants, including maintenance employee Ricardo Salcedo, 37, failed to respond, the police report said. Some occupants had to be detained at gun point after ignoring police commands.

Once questioned by police, several occupants fingered Salcedo as allowing them to stay in the rooms with the use of a master key. Hotel officials told police they had no knowledge of Salcedo’s activity and management desired prosecution.

Police obtained a search warrant for the hotel rooms and vehicle in question, discovering several items of drug paraphernalia along with a firearm.

Those arrested as a result of the search warrant in addition to Salcedo are Lake Havasu City residents Michael Rodriguez, 41, Louis Viera, 27, Cassie Johnson, 23, Taylor Stephens, 25, Atilano Gutierrez, 32, and Shawna McDaniel, 28. Everyone was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Viera and Gutierrez also were charged with weapon possession and Salcedo is facing a criminal trespassing charge in the case.


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