Hotel protesters arrested in Tempe before football game

Unhappy employees of the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel rally in the streets of Tempe, causing disruption in the streets and to local businesses.  A reflection of other protests popping up all over the county, employees push for improved treatment, lighter workloads, higher wages with better benefits as well as safe working conditions, and threaten to unionize if they are not heard.  ABC 15, Lauren Vargas, reports the story.



TEMPE, AZ – Eleven protesters were taken away in handcuffs in Tempe after blocking traffic on Mill Avenue, in an effort to make a statement about worker’s rights.

Hundreds marched on Mill Avenue just as the sun was setting Thursday night. It was the end of an all-day rally outside the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel.

“We’re trying to not let everyone proceed with business as usual,” said Nicole Hale, who works at the hotel. “These workers need to be heard, and the hotel really cares about the business from game day, so it’s a perfect time for us to kind of disrupt that business a little bit.”

Workers claim the housekeepers at the hotel are underpaid, overworked, and getting injured on the job.

The hotel management strongly denies these accusations, and says they care deeply about their employees’ wellbeing.

“I’ve met with three of the individuals this week, to try to hear their concerns and understand what we can do to make sure that they have a great employment experience,” said General Manager Eric Sather.

Organizers tell us this was a one-day strike, and the housekeepers will be back at work Friday. They’re hoping this starts a conversation of moving toward higher wages and an easier working environment.

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