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Workers’ Comp & First Aid

by Yvonne Obregon

Your place of business is more than just a place where services are provided in exchange for money. It’s a place where individuals work, friendships are made and people learn to rely upon each other. How you handle an employee’s workplace injury makes a difference to your employees and your business.

From state to state, workers’ compensation insurance requirements vary for employers.  Frequently viewed by many who work with it on a daily basis as complicated and cumbersome, knowing what insurance requirements your state has set is vital to protecting your business.

For the past few years, worker’s compensation “first aid” claims have been a hot topic of discussion amongst state insurance regulators, insurance providers, medical professionals, and employers...

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Serial suit filer challenged by Old Town hotel

The drive-by lawsuits and quick pay days may have stopped for one Florida attorney and his client who have filed more than 1400 lawsuits against hotels and restaurants claiming various violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act., Mandy Miles, reports the facts.

A Broward County attorney has sued more than 1,400 Florida hotels and restaurants on behalf of plaintiff Howard Cohan, claiming the businesses violate the Americans with Disabilities Act — and has been collecting attorney’s fees from each.

But attorney Mark Cohen’s gravy train may have stopped in Old Town Key West, where the Marquesa Hotel is standing its ground and refusing to write the check that settles the lawsuits and makes Cohen go away...

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You Might Have Gotten a New Credit Card With a New Chip Embedded in the Front — Here’s What You Need to Know About It

Fraud Liability was shifted from the credit card companies to the weakest link on October 1, 2015. Designed to help prevent fraud, EMV smart chip technology is now in effect. The, Liz Klimas, provides key information you should know.

You might have opened your mail recently to find you were issued a new credit or debit card. Was your card close to expiring, you might have wondered? Well, perhaps, but one of the reasons cardholders have been receiving new plastic is thanks to a new feature: the new chip embedded right on the front.

What Is It?

It’s called an EMV — short for Europay, MasterCard and Visa — card, and it’s supposed to help make transactions more secure (more on that later).

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But Why Is This Happening Now?

The reason you’ve gotte...

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