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Understanding OSHA’s procedures when reporting severe injuries and RRIs

Understanding OSHA practices and why they’re important may relieve some of the confusion and stress associated with it. Keep safety a top priority! Train your employees, especially the people at the front desk or the first point of contact for your establishment. Although the word ”OSHA” is frequently alarming to many, if you focus your efforts on safety, training, and reporting requirements, OSHA should become just another familiar word in your vocabulary. BLR, Ana Ellington, gives some insight into understanding the elements behind reporting severe injuries and RRI’s to OSHA.Since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) new reporting requirements (29 CFR 1904.39) went into effect in January 2015, the Agency has been inundated with workplace incidents reports...

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Woman falls down elevator shaft at Midtown hotel

Safety is key in both maintenance and usage of an elevator. Billions of people travel in elevators every day. Aside from occasional mechanical problems, they are one of the safest, if not the safest, forms of mass transportation today.  Although safety may not cross the average mind while traveling in an elevator, one must stay alert just as you would to drive a car. One simple slip in awareness of your surroundings or a simple act of carelessness can result in bodily injury or a tragic event in a matter of seconds.  New York Post, Tina Moore, describes a recent hotel elevator incident.

A woman fell 6 feet down an elevator shaft at a four-star hotel in Midtown early Sunday, authorities said.

Emergency crews rushed to the Grand Hyatt hotel on East 42nd Street at around 4 a.m...

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