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Liability “Hot Potato”: Using Risk Transfer to Protect Your Property’s Assets

by David DeMoss

Hotels and resorts are often at risk for legal action on many fronts. A primary risk factor that places properties in a potentially litigious position is when daily operations turn into hazardous situations for guests or employees. Transferring risk to third parties, such as vendors that are contracted by your property, can help financially shield hoteliers from claims they may not be responsible for.

The success of a hotel depends on many departments and variables, one of them being a strong and effective risk management plan. However, many properties forget the importance of risk transfer in a culture where hotels and resorts are outsourcing vendors for amenities, food and beverage, security platforms, and other key components of the operation...
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Minnesota hotel illegally denies lodging to veteran with service dog

It is not wrong to say you don’t allow pets. In fact, it is reasonable to assume a dog is a pet unless the owner tells you otherwise. Yes, there are people who will try to fraudulently pass off pets as service animals to get them into hotels which is exactly why it is important for hoteliers to understand and train their staff on the do’s and don’ts regarding federal and state ADA law. A service dog, miniature horse in special circumstances, is not a “pet”.  A service animal is trained to do a specific task(s). InForum, Shelby Lindrud, exposes the need for ADA Law awareness in the hotel industry.

WILLMAR, Minn. – Cozmo the corgi might not look like your stereotypical service dog, but he is just as essential to his human partner’s well-being as any seeing eye dog...

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Hotels are held to extraordinarily high standards in consideration to safety and security. While maintaining friendly, responsive interaction with all guests, registered and non-registered, is crucial, it is equally important to carefully plan and follow all security procedures. When a situation becomes volatile, a telephone call to your local police department may be the best solution. staff reports a recent hotel lobby incident that went terribly wrong.

One person was stabbed and six others were injured when a melee broke out in the lobby of a Buena Park hotel Wednesday night after witnesses say the hotel manager asked a woman, who was not a guest, to leave.

The fight erupted inside the Commonwealth Airport Inn in the 8100 block of Commonwealth A...

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Hyatt discovers malware at 250 hotels

Given the continuous data breaches in the hotel industry, if you haven’t done so already, 2016 is the year to “raise the bar” and protect your guests information. “Though it is common to see malware capture credit cards at the time of the swipe, in this instance, the malware collected card data while it was being routed through the affected payment processing systems, according to Hyatt’s statement.” The malware infecting 250 Hyatt hotels globally for six months was designed to steal financial data including cardholder names, card numbers, expiration dates and internal verification codes.” SC Magazine, Teri Robinson, shares the facts.

After reporting in December that it had found malware on the computers operating the company’s payment processing systems, Hyatt Hotels Co...

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Detroit is the most bedbug-infested city in the U.S.

Top tourist and business destinations across the country are ranking among some of the most bed bug infested destinations in the country. After four consecutive years of holding the number one spot for bed bug infested cities, Philadelphia now falls second to Detroit. The increase in bed bug infestations are being linked to the increase in international travel and mindless, “untreated” existence. New York Daily News, Nicole Lyn Pesce, divulges the findings.

No one likes bedbugs. But Detroit is dealing with them in droves.

Rock City bumped Philadelphia from the top spot on the Terminix list for the first time in four years – but the city of City of Brotherly Love is still scratching in second place.

New Yorkers can sleep easy, since far fewer bedbugs are reportedly biting in the Big ...

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Texas man charged after leaving loaded gun at Ithaca hotel

Firearms should be treated as a valuable just as one would a purse, a wallet, or personal information. Unfortunately, firearms left behind in hotels have become fairly common these days creating undue liability to the hotel. Upon finding a gun in a guest room and/or on the property, a telephone call to your local police department may be the best policy your organization can have. Ithaca Journal, Kelsey O’Connor, reveals a recent story in New York.

A Texas man is facing a felony charge after allegedly leaving a loaded handgun at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ithaca after staying there, police say.

Ithaca police have charged Jerald Mowery, 74, of Scroggins, Texas, with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a felony.

According to police, Mowery called the hotel after he checked ou...

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Lovers drowned in hotel swimming pool during a romantic break away

Pools appeal to old and young alike, a place for fitness conscious adults and a kid friendly play area for children. Although a pool benefits all ages and all types of lifestyles and is often the most desirable feature in a hotel, it is also one of the most dangerous amenities on the property. You, the hotel owner and staff, have a duty to keep the pool reasonably clean and safe for all visitors. Routine maintenance and sanitation along with frequent pool checks and proper signage is a must. DailyStar UK, Sabi Phagura, reports a tragic pool incident in England recently.

A COUPLE who were having an affair drowned in a swimming pool while enjoying a romantic break away at a hotel.

Komba Kpakiwa and Josephine Foday were spotted joking around and splashing in the water.

A fellow guest sa...
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California Braces for Wave of ‘Equal Pay’ Lawsuits

By now the words “substantially similar” work should be at the forefront of every California employer’s vocabulary. With the new California Fair Pay Act now in place, effective January 1, 2016, employers are prohibited from paying employees less than the rate paid to members of the opposite sex who perform “substantially similar” work. Now is a great time to review your rate structures and possibly discuss them with an Employment Law Attorney. Breitbart, Mike Flynn, examines the implications the law may have on employers.

Hundreds of new laws are taking take effect in states across the country this January 1.

Taken together they provide a humorous snapshot of the priorities of the nation’s elected officials. A few, however, will have far reaching consequences...

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A couple’s dream vacation consumed with plans to celebrate a birthday and ring in the New Year quickly turned into an unpleasant getaway caused by an infestation of bed bugs in their hotel room. Bed bugs continue to plague hotels across the country.  Early detection of bed bug activity is among the most important ways that you can protect your establishment. Employers should remain proactive in employee training pertaining to the detection of the relentless pests along with periodic professional evaluations of their properties. ABC 6 Action News reveals the story.

A couple from California thought they were on a dream vacation to New York City, but they found a massive bedbug infestation under the mattress at the Astor on the Park Hotel on the Upper West Side ...

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No one injured in 4-alarm fire at downtown Pittsburgh hotel Sunday night – High-rise buildings automatically get three alarms, the fourth was a precaution.

Fire officials will not say . . . was the fire alarm system in proper working condition, and did the hotel have an emergency plan in place? Some guests heard alarms, some did not, some were able to use the elevator and enter hallways and guest rooms engulfed in smoke. Although nobody was hurt, at the end of the day, negligence and error can turn into costly litigation down the road.  Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reports the facts surrounding the 4-alarm fire at a downtown Pittsburgh hotel.

Some guests at the DoubleTree hotel in Pittsburgh were concerned they didn’t hear a fire alarm on their floor.

PITTSBURGH —No one was hurt in a four-alarm fire in a downtown Pittsburgh hotel Sunday night.

The DoubleTree Hotel on Bigelow Boulevard resumed its normal operations around 9 p.m.


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