No one injured in 4-alarm fire at downtown Pittsburgh hotel Sunday night – High-rise buildings automatically get three alarms, the fourth was a precaution.

Fire officials will not say . . . was the fire alarm system in proper working condition, and did the hotel have an emergency plan in place? Some guests heard alarms, some did not, some were able to use the elevator and enter hallways and guest rooms engulfed in smoke. Although nobody was hurt, at the end of the day, negligence and error can turn into costly litigation down the road.  Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reports the facts surrounding the 4-alarm fire at a downtown Pittsburgh hotel.


Some guests at the DoubleTree hotel in Pittsburgh were concerned they didn’t hear a fire alarm on their floor.


PITTSBURGH —No one was hurt in a four-alarm fire in a downtown Pittsburgh hotel Sunday night.

The DoubleTree Hotel on Bigelow Boulevard resumed its normal operations around 9 p.m.

Officials say the fire started in the kitchen on the first floor.  The fire then spread up some ducts, but was quickly extinguished.

Guests on the lower floors say they heard the fire alarm. Some guests on the upper floors never heard an alarm, but did see smoke.

The Bradford family is visiting from Chicago. Two younger brothers, Maxwell and Jackson Bradford, were swimming in the pool when they heard the alarm.

The rest of the family was staying in the hotel and say they didn’t know there was a fire until the boys called them.

“We didn’t hear the fire alarm or anything. So a couple minutes after, they called and said we heard the fire alarm, and we were like, ‘okay. We should go downstairs’,” Emma Bradford said.

Scott Cable was staying on the 12th floor of the hotel.  He was parking his car in the garage when he saw people exiting the lower floors.

Shortly after, he was allowed up the elevator to his room and saw smoke.

“We went up there and the door opened and it was, like I said, it was full of smoke. I didn’t even want to go to the room. It was pretty bad breathing that in,” Cable said.

Public safety spokeswoman Sonya Toler says crews went floor by floor making sure the fire hadn’t spread, but couldn’t comment on whether or not the alarms functioned properly.

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reached out the hotel’s general manager, but didn’t immediately hear back.

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