Texas man charged after leaving loaded gun at Ithaca hotel

Firearms should be treated as a valuable just as one would a purse, a wallet, or personal information. Unfortunately, firearms left behind in hotels have become fairly common these days creating undue liability to the hotel. Upon finding a gun in a guest room and/or on the property, a telephone call to your local police department may be the best policy your organization can have. Ithaca Journal, Kelsey O’Connor, reveals a recent story in New York.



A Texas man is facing a felony charge after allegedly leaving a loaded handgun at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ithaca after staying there, police say.

Ithaca police have charged Jerald Mowery, 74, of Scroggins, Texas, with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a felony.

According to police, Mowery called the hotel after he checked out and informed the staff he had left his gun and an umbrella in his hotel room after staying there. Mowery asked if they would mail the items back to him, according to the police report. When the hotel refused to mail him the loaded weapon, Mowery allegedly drove back to Ithaca from Pennsylvania to retrieve the gun, police said.

Mowery was arrested Dec. 30 after arriving back in Ithaca.

The report did not indicate why Mowery had a gun. Police said Mowery had a concealed carry pistol permit from Texas. New York does not honor out-of-state permits.

He was arraigned Dec. 30 before Judge Scott Miller in Ithaca City Court and released on his own recognizance.

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