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HazCom Critical Information Guidelines

Do your chemical labels meet the Globally Harmonized System standards? GHS is meant to be a logical and comprehensive approach to defining health, physical and environmental hazards of chemicals. The OSHA-mandated system for classifying and labeling chemicals affects any company that produces, ships, or uses hazardous chemicals. For most companies, the most evident changes brought by GHS are the changes to safety labels, safety data sheets, and chemical classification. Actio provides HazCom Critical Information Guidelines below.  (Click on the image to view a larger version.)


GHS Diagram copy




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Man Falls to His Death Climbing the Four Seasons Hotel

Even though it is anything but safe, unauthorized rooftop photography has recently become a trend captivating thrill seeking individuals across the globe. Daredevils and ordinary travelers alike are willing to go to new heights for the sake of that amazingly beautiful and unique aerial photo or selfie. The New York Times, Benjamin Mueller, shares a New Year’s Eve rooftop climb at New York Four Seasons that went horribly wrong for one young man.

A 20-year-old man fell to his death as he and a friend tried to take photos of the skyline from a catwalk above the roof of the Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday night, the authorities said.

The man, Conner Cummings of Rockaway, N.J...

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