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Security Cybersecurity and the threat of the unknown

From hardware to software to the human-computer interface, Cybersecurity is an immense challenge, one that should be addressed by all businesses. Businesses are risking their reputation, customer trust, and potentially their bottom line every time a data breach takes place. Lack of cybersecurity awareness and training is putting many businesses at risk today. A cybersecurity awareness training program encompassing hacking, cyberattacks, good cybersecurity policy, and cybersecurity response policy should be an essential part of every business. Hotel Management, Elliot Mest, exposes vulnerability hotels face.

When a guest slips and falls in a hotel lobby, operators know what to do...

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UES Boutique Hotel Fired Muslim Employee Over Age and Religion: Lawsuit

The women were seasoned, long term employees in high-ranking positions who worked hard and gave decades of service to the hotel. After training her “young” replacement, one employee was terminated without notice and told that the hotel was downsizing. Two other employees of middle age and the same ethnicity were also let go. DNAinfo, Shaye Weaver, points our key factors surrounding the case.

UPPER EAST SIDE — A former Hotel Plaza Athenee employee says she was fired because of her age and religion — and she’s taking the East 64th Street boutique hotel to court for discrimination.

Azza Amer, a New Jersey resident, was 55 when she was fired in March 2015 after training her 20-something non-Muslim replacement, according to her lawsuit filed in State Supreme Court on Feb...

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Expert says Erin Andrews wasn’t guaranteed safety at hotel

“Hotels are not the insurers of guests’ safety,” Barth, a professor at Conrad Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, told jurors. What will jurors decide in the Erin Andrews case? Contradictions in expert testimonies, a psychiatric evaluation stating that the victim’s mild symptoms of PTSD do not cause significant impairment in her functioning, and the victim landed her dream job after the video went viral. Frank Rosario and Danika Fears report the latest testimonies.

Erin Andrews and Hotel-security instructor Stephen Barth (inset).  Photo: Getty Images (2)

NASHVILLE — Sometimes guest safety, like bedbugs, is simply beyond a ­hotel’s control, a defense expert testified Wednesday in sportscaster Erin Andrews’ $75 million civil lawsuit.

Hotel-security instructor...

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