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Female Workers File Suit Alleging Sexual Assault, Harassment at Long Beach Renaissance Hotel

Abuse of power in the workplace is against the law! Making conditions of employment dependent on sexual favors is not only unethical and unwelcome; it creates an intimidating, offensive and hostile working environment. As more women enter the workforce, their vulnerability to harassment is also increasing.  After decades of abuse, women are beginning to tell their stories and expose the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in their workplace surroundings. Long Beach Post, Keeley Smith exposes the taxing environment employees have been enduring for years.


Two female employees at the Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach filed suit against the hotel and a banquet captain, David Flores, for sexual harassment and failure to prevent and remedy harassment, the prosecuting law firm Alexander Krakow...

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Luxury Hotel Workers Claim Unsanitary Conditions

As outpatient treatment grows, hotels across the country are faced with serving more patients. With patient care, comes medical waste – bodily fluids and potentially infectious materials, as well as waste products, blood soaked linens and used syringes. Is your hotel prepared for the health risks and working environment housing patients creates? Have you given employees proper training and provided the proper equipment to ensure safe working conditions? NBC Los Angeles, Kim Baldonado, exposes one disinclined Beverly Hills luxury hotel.


Housekeepers from the Sofitel in Beverly Hills say management has not provided them with the equipment needed to properly dispose of medical waste often left by guests staying while visiting a nearby hospital.

Employees of a luxury Beverly Hills hotel...

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UnAffordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has left some employees with mind-boggling decisions. As health care costs continue to rise and coverage remains a concern for hotel employers and employees alike, some hotel employees are faced with forgoing increased hours and employer raises as a means to control their health care costs. Saratoga Today, Norma Reyes, explains why workers are left with this puzzling dilemma.

(Some information in this article is sensitive, so individual names are withheld for their security and privacy).

SARATOGA COUNTY – Touted as a victory for the uninsured, the Affordable Care Act is now in its third year and still getting mixed reviews...

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Employees are a soft spot in data security

Your cybersecurity is only as good as your weakest link! Employee habits play a powerful role with the security of your data.  The best security technology in the world can’t help you unless your employees understand their roles and responsibilities in protecting sensitive data and securing company resources.  Most importantly, employees need to know the policies and practices you expect them to follow regarding internet safety in the workplace. BLR, Sandy Brian Garfinkel, member, Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC, suggests key areas employers should focus.

Data thieves can penetrate your company’s electronic systems in a large variety of ways...

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Most CFOs say minimum wage increases would cause them to reduce current workforce, says survey

“Raising minimum wage gives robots a competitive advantage.” It is no secret that payroll cost is often one of the largest costs of doing business. It is too soon to tell for sure, but there is already evidence that wage hikes in cities and states around the country has started having a negative effect on business owners. So what can you do to confront the labor cost issue head-on and find solutions?  BLR reveals the impacts business owners are likely to face along with permanent shifts in employment that may be the solution.

The latest Duke University/CFO Global Business Outlook survey concerned the minimum wage, with nearly 75% of minimum-wage paying firms in the United States saying they would reduce current or future employment if the minimum wage is raised to $15 per hour.

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Don’t get slapped: Protecting consumer free speech from harmful lawsuits

Yes, there is a fine line between offering an honest opinion and being “brutal” with the truth.  In today’s world of social media and online reviews, millions of people partake in the opportunity to express their opinions, both, good and bad, and sometimes plain brutal. Before reacting to that harsh personal view by filing a lawsuit, understand that everybody has the right to freedom of speech.   The Hill, Michael Beckerman, explains why there is a fine line you may not cross.

Summer is almost here, which means sun, fun, and summer vacations. It also means many of us are going to be spending time browsing online reviews to preview the good, the bad, and the ugly on travel locations.

Imagine a world in which a hotel company could sue customers because they didn’t like their st...

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ADA litigation make life inhospitable for nonconforming hotels

When you think of ADA compliance, things like wheelchair ramps, pool lifts, and handrails might come to mind; however, when it comes to website accessibility, there are a number of best practices and rules and regulations that will be at the top of those compliance issues this year. With travel season upon us, it is time for hoteliers to ensure “all” ADA compliance issues are up-to-date and employees are trained and knowledgeable in all areas of ADA regulation. Inside Counsel, Amanda Ciccatelli, points out areas you should be concerned with.

Today, many people underestimate the number of disabled people who travel, and don’t understand the difficulties disabled people face when traveling. Hotels have become targets of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) litigation. The U.S...

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Affordable Care Act Traps For The Unwary (And Not) Employer: Tips To Comply And What To Avoid

For many employers, 2016 brings new requirements and challenges with respect to Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance. The “play-or-pay” employer mandate is now in full effect along with new onerous reporting obligations. With the many taxing obligations in place, employers need to be aware of the traps and hurdles they may face along the way.  JD Supra Business Advisor, Douglas Smith/Arnali Golden Gregory LLP, outline important issues should be familiar with.

Hopefully, most employers that are applicable large employers (“ALEs”), i.e., employers that averaged 50 or more full-time employees (including full-time equivalents) in the prior calendar year, now have their game plan in place for complying with the “employer mandate” of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”)...

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Texas hotel employee allegedly targets, sexually assaults guests

Hotel security will never be perfect. Hotels do; however, have a duty to their guests to provide them with safe accommodations; therefore, it is up to hotels to advance with technology and continuously evaluate security procedures to provide the safest possible accommodations and protect guests from harm due to reasonably foreseeable risks of injury. Although extended Stay America performed a background check on the employee, the key card machine was left unattended at the main entrance. Could they have done more to avoid the incident? KRON 4 & Amanda Brandeis, KXAN report the facts.

Police believe a hotel employee broke into a guest’s room, attempting to sexually assault a woman and stealing a cell phone (KXAN Photo).

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police believe a group of women staying at ...

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Overnight fire forces hotel evacuation

Dryer fires involving commercial dryers have a 78% higher injury rate than residential dryer fires. Implementing a preventive maintenance program will not only enable your dryer to perform properly, it will save your company money on monthly energy costs and potentially eliminate losses associated with fire damages and injuries. Action 2 News, Christian Mueller, explains the danger and inconvenience a dryer fire presents.

A laundry room fire forces sleeping families to evacuate a popular Green Bay hotel.

Green Bay Metro Fire Department crews were called to Tundra Lodge on Lombardi Ave. just before 12:30 Friday morning when flames and smoke were reported in a hallway.

Firefighters say they kept the fire contained to an industrial dryer, but smoke spread through the large building’s fir...

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