Overnight fire forces hotel evacuation

Dryer fires involving commercial dryers have a 78% higher injury rate than residential dryer fires. Implementing a preventive maintenance program will not only enable your dryer to perform properly, it will save your company money on monthly energy costs and potentially eliminate losses associated with fire damages and injuries. Action 2 News, Christian Mueller, explains the danger and inconvenience a dryer fire presents.



A laundry room fire forces sleeping families to evacuate a popular Green Bay hotel.

Green Bay Metro Fire Department crews were called to Tundra Lodge on Lombardi Ave. just before 12:30 Friday morning when flames and smoke were reported in a hallway.

Firefighters say they kept the fire contained to an industrial dryer, but smoke spread through the large building’s first floor.

Guests were already evacuating when firefighters arrived.

Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris Ehmann says all of the lodge’s nearly 170 rooms were booked.

“People when they came out obviously they had a lot of small children with them, they were just in their pajamas, and whatever they wore to bed,” Ehmann told Action 2 News. “A lot of them were standing in the parking lot and most of them made their way to their cars and waited there until we could get the smoke out of the building.”

Firefighters spent about two hours working at the scene. They say they had to reset the lodge’s fire alarms.

No one was hurt.

Damage to the dryer is estimated at $20,000. Ehmann says the dryer caught fire because it overheated.



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