Bettendorf Marriott gets second chance in negligence lawsuit

It happens quickly –  a guest slip and fall. Two years later you’re served with a lawsuit.  Although training in the hotel industry has improved in the past few years, it nevertheless remains one of the most overlooked aspects of the hotel industry. If you are a hotel operator you should undoubtedly be thinking about how lack of employee training may impact your business or perhaps put you out a business. You may not get that second chance like this hotel did!  WQAD8, Sarah Tisinger, briefly describes the tainted reputation and the financial impact untrained employees may have had on a Marriott hotel in Bettendorf.



DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Marriott hotel in Bettendorf will get another chance to defend itself against a lawsuit filed by a hotel guest who was awarded $1.2 million by a jury after she slipped on an icy sidewalk in January 2010 and broke her ankle.

The lawsuit was filed by Brenda Alcala, a software consultant from Texas who was on a business trip to Bettendorf.

She filed suit in 2012 alleging Marriott negligently caused her injuries by allowing ice to accumulate on sidewalks. A jury ruled in her favor in February 2014.

The company appealed.

The Iowa Supreme Court in ordering a new trial said Friday the trial judge mistakenly let the jury consider without hearing evidence whether the hotel was negligent by failing to properly train employees on sidewalk ice removal.

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