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Liberal Firefighters Respond To Super 8 Hotel Fire

“Failure to clean” is the leading cause of dryer fires. Laundry areas should be kept neat and clutter-free with at least three feet of clearance between any heating sources and anything combustible. Regular maintenance of the machine and its surrounding area is essential to reducing risk. Implementing or refreshing a laundry facility preventive maintenance program  will enable the dryer to perform more efficiently saving time and cost on monthly energy bills and potentially eliminate losses associated with litigation, fire damages and injuries. Most importantly, train staff to follow the guidelines of the program regularly! Preventive maintenance may have prevented this fire. KSCB News Net, Joe Denoyer reports..

At 3:44 pm Monday Liberal firefighters were called to 747 E...

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Trump Hotels Settle With Attorney General Over Data Breach

We’ve all read or heard about the multiple data breaches and cyber incidents plaguing the hotel industry the past few years, and at this point, we should all be aware that no set of security measures is completely infallible to a breach.  With its high volume of credit card transactions, and the barrage of cyber incidents the hotel industry has faced in recent years, a rapid and coordinated response plan is necessary to minimize risk. Lack of communication and a timely response are sure to impact your reputation and your bottom line. An insufficient response and lack of communication by Trump Hotels has imposed greater exposure and inflated damage to the brand.  ABC News, Michael Virtanen reveals the case.


The Trump Hotel Collection company has agreed to pay $50,000 and shore up d...

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Federal Bill Would Prohibit Salary History Questions

Similar legislation already adopted in Massachusetts and pending in California and New York City, Federal Bill, H.R. 6030, also known as Pay Equality of All Act of 2016, is one employer’s should keep their eye on. The bill is an attempt to eliminate the wage gap that women and people of color often experience and will apply to “all” employers or employees, including those in the private sector., outlines the bill, the implications and fines that will be imposed if the bill passes.

Federal lawmakers introduced a bill September 14 that would prohibit all employers from asking about a job applicant’s salary history.

Massachusetts adopted similar legislation just a few weeks ago and California and New York City may soon follow.

The bill, H.R...

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Wage and Hour Prosecutions Have Cost the Hospitality Industry $280 Million — Here’s How to Avoid Getting Hit

The risk of litigation for wage and hour violations is higher today than ever before. The last few years have brought a rapid increase in the number of private lawsuits against employers along with increased scrutiny by the Department of Labor (DOL) for Wage and Labor violations. As we look ahead, employers are faced with change in federal labor regulations December 1, another minimum wage increase, and some employers will face 2017 mandatory sick leave requirements. One of the most important things an employer can do is to be proactive with labor compliance issues by periodically conducting a self-audit to ensure that all workers’ classifications are correct and wages are in-line with current regulations. HospitalityNet, Myranda Mondry, gives guidance on the issues.


Thirty years,...

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FLSA Overtime Rule Changes Infographic

The clock is ticking. December 1 is right around the corner. Nearly all organizations and virtually all companies will be impacted by the New FLSA Overtime regulations that go into effect December 1, 2016. Employers should be preparing for the new rules. Understanding how your employee hours are being spent, how much overtime is being accrued, and trends in hours can help you make informed, sensible decisions when it comes to complying with FLSA. SHRM, Andrew Peeling provides an infographic outlining the changes.


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Hotels and Restaurants; Prime Real Estate for Slip and Fall Accidents

Although slip and fall accidents sometimes appear to be funny, they can do serious harm to people. Less serious injuries can take months to heal while some of the more serious injuries can lead to permanent disabilities. There is no clear-cut rule; however, property owners must take reasonable steps to ensure that their property is free from hazardous conditions that would cause a person to slip, trip and fall. Creating a culture of safety will help minimize your organizations risk., Eckert Seamans, shares common causes of slip and fall accidents along with preventive steps to help avoid occurrences.

Slip and falls are the number one cause of accidents in hotels, restaurants and public buildings according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics...

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Hospitality’s move to mobile raises legal risks

Securing critical infrastructure from cyber threats through cybersecurity planning and operations must be addressed by all hotel companies with greater urgency.  We are more interconnected than ever before. With all its advantages, comes increased connectivity bringing increased risk of theft, fraud, and abuse. To minimize risk, it is necessary for hotel organizations to develop a cybersecurity program that encompasses cyber prevention and detection that focuses on its main operation systems but also incorporates mobile applications, and social media contests and endorsements. outlines points of interest to consider.

The hospitality industry is embracing mobile applications for social media and loyalty programs to reservations, keyless entry and remote check-ins...

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Active Shooters In The Workplace: Is The Hospitality Industry Ready?

Active shooter events are unpredictable and filled with confusion.  They evolve very quickly. With active shooter incidents increasing at alarming rates, it is time for employers to prepare. Although it is impossible to prevent one of these events, prevention and preparedness policies and procedures will protect the workplace and minimize the loss of life. In addition, employees need to react rationally despite the chaos. Continuous employee awareness training along with active shooter training is key to an overall successful plan. Lexology, Fisher Phillips, focuses on the main points of interest all hotel establishments should develop into their programs.

An armed gunman just entered the lobby of your hotel...

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Malware exposes payment card data at Kimpton Hotels

Cyber network security should be a “must-have” for all businesses. In 2014, nearly 1 million new malware threats were released every day and they are not slowing down. With the sophistication of today’s cyber criminals and the intensity of the breaches, vigorous network security applications that protect from data breaches and defacement is essential in all organizations. Kimpton Hotels has become one the latest victims of a major data breach. CNET, Steven Musil reports the facts.

The Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco is one of the Kimpton Hotels affected by the malware.

Servers used to process payments at the boutique hotel chain’s properties are infected with malware designed to steal customer card numbers, names and expiration dates.

Kimpton Hotels has become the latest...

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Hotel pool where child drowned falls short of state regulations

Pools are a popular source of fun. At the same time, they come with potential danger and liability. Hotel companies are generally mindful of their responsibilities when it comes to pool compliance and safety. Though the specifics vary state to state, a hotel operator has a heightened obligation to keep the condition of a pool and its surrounding areas reasonably safe even for children who do not have permission to be on the property. Non-compliance and lack of pool safety measures may not only cause harm to others, it may initiate pool closure, fines, and unwelcome litigation. ABC News 8, Kristin Smith points out the lack of safety surrounding the drowning of a -5-year-old boy. A stark reminder of how crucial pool safety must be!


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