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Move Over Creepy Clowns; Anderson Police Arrest ‘Psycho Teddy Bear’ Suspect

People love the magic of Halloween: Trick-or-treating, jack-o-lanterns, and classroom parties for the children; Haunted houses, elaborate costume contests, and Masquerade balls for the adults. This spooky holiday yields creativity from the glittery embellishments of story book princesses to the kooky, mysterious and scary ghosts, goblins, and creatures of the night.  Action News Now Staff reports a recent Halloween spook at a hotel in Anderson California.


As they say, don’t drink and wear a “Psycho Teddy Bear” outfit with real hunting knives, especially near Halloween or you might get your own scare in a county jail.

But that’s what Anderson Police say really happened Sunday morning after a motel clerk reported a scary encounter with 28-year-old Travis Wallace, who is now facing seve...

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Are You Protecting Guest Privacy, Safety and Security?

“Hotel security will never be perfect.” However, hotels are held to unusually high standards of safety and security as well as guest privacy. Not only should hotels operators have proper policies in place to protect the safety, security and privacy of its guests, they must consistently apply and follow the protocols governing those policies. Ensuring that your staff has quality training so that they are responsive and knowledgeable as possible will ensure the integrity of your operations and the safety, security and privacy of your guests.  JD Supra Business Advisor, Anthony Foschi, discusses the importance of these policies.

We have all heard about the jury’s award in a breach of privacy action against a well known sportscaster...

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Online skimming poses a new danger

This type of activity can go on undetected for months. Online skimming is one of the most recent forms of card fraud. Once a store is under the control of a criminal, malware is installed that funnels live payment data to an off-shore collection server then later sold on the dark web. Discovered just a year ago, this form of fraud is gaining tremendous speed and affecting companies across the nation. BI Intelligence shares some important guidelines and key takeaways involving computer security.

New data from Dutch developer William De Groot indicates a rise in online skimming, a new form of e-commerce-related card fraud, according to Finextra.

According to De Groot, it’s becoming more common for hackers exploit unpatched weaknesses in merchants’ software code, set up malware to steal...

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6 Considerations for a Safe Employee Dismissal

Firing an employee is never a comfortable event, not in the best or circumstances and not by the most adept professional. Whether or not the employee expects the termination, a small chance of violence or retaliation from the terminated employee exists. Whatever the reason for termination, make sure you follow a proper, fair, well-organized process and always be prepared for the worst., Richard L., Wyckoff, identifies six important steps designed to help with safe employee dismissal.

The benefit of well-trained security officers who can detect and react to situations cannot be overstated.

One of the most stressful actions at any company can be the dismissal of an employee. They are not easy and are uncomfortable for everyone involved...

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21 States File Emergency Motion to Bar FLSA Overtime Rule

Although it may be a last ditch effort for states and employers, twenty-one states, led by Nevada and Texas, filed an emergency motion on October 12, 2016 to temporarily halt the new overtime rule issued by the DOL earlier this year. The bill will not be heard until November 17, 2016; therefore, employers should proceed with preparations to comply with the new overtime rule December 1, 2016. SHRM, Allen Smith, J.D., outlines the details.

If legislation challenging the overtime rule fails, this could be a last-ditch effort to block it.

Twenty-one states, led by Nevada and Texas, on Oct...

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Hotel workers seek new safety measures after freezer death

OSHA is calling for new safety measures following an incident at the downtown Atlanta Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in which a hotel worker was found dead inside a walk-in freezer. Investigators believe the victim spent 13 hours at temperatures below minus 10 Fahrenheit. OSHA has issued $12,500 in penalties for safety violations related to the death, and union leaders are proposing that safety devices be installed inside the freezers that will allow anybody trapped inside the freezer to send an alarm directly to hotel security or emergency services. Hotel employees are demanding “panic buttons” to alert others to emergencies. The Associated Press released the story.

ATLANTA: Federal regulators and hotel employees are calling for new safety measures after a worker was found dead ins...

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How many millions could “Prevailing Wage” cost your hotel?

Beware of the traps! It is a convoluted statute. California Prevailing Wage Law applies to any project “paid for in whole or in part out of public funds.” The key provision of the law centers around the expanded meaning of the term “public funds “ which incorporates virtually any kind of public subsidy including waiver of fees, the transfer of property at below-market value, or the issuance of loan guarantees or below-market loans. Creative plaintiffs will most-certainly find a way to bring after-the-fact prevailing wage claims on nearly any major project, which are likely to cost you millions. Jim Butler and the Global Hospitality Group recount.


PREVAILING WAGE LAW is California’s “other” minimum wage...

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New Compensation Reporting Requirements Begin March 2018

It’s Official! The EEOC is moving forward with collecting new pay and hours data and is sending a strong message that it will increase enforcement efforts. Beginning in 2018, employers with 100 or more employees are required to report employee pay and hours data annually to the EEOC. Each annual filing period is March 31st of the following year. Although the first reporting deadline for the new EEO-1 isn’t until 2018, the report will be based on 2017 data – just four months away., Kate McGovern Tornone, outlines strong recommendations for employers.

Beginning in March 2018, employers will have to include compensation information on their EEO-1 filings. While the report was previously used by the U.S...

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The legal implications of long-term guests

Transient guests and tenants vary significantly and so do the laws that govern them. Under many states’ laws, hotel guests who stay for long periods of time may be deemed tenants rather than hotel guests. In the eyes of the law, once a guest is considered to be a tenant, a formal landlord-tenant eviction process under that state’s landlord-tenant statues may have to be followed. Hotel News Now, David Samuels and Alicia O’Brien focus on the key points of interest surrounding long term hotel guests.

Hoteliers should be aware of when guests gain tenancy rights, how to avoid it and what to do when it happens.

One of the more common questions we receive from hotel operators is how to handle guests staying more than thirty days...

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