Move Over Creepy Clowns; Anderson Police Arrest ‘Psycho Teddy Bear’ Suspect

People love the magic of Halloween: Trick-or-treating, jack-o-lanterns, and classroom parties for the children; Haunted houses, elaborate costume contests, and Masquerade balls for the adults. This spooky holiday yields creativity from the glittery embellishments of story book princesses to the kooky, mysterious and scary ghosts, goblins, and creatures of the night.  Action News Now Staff reports a recent Halloween spook at a hotel in Anderson California.




As they say, don’t drink and wear a “Psycho Teddy Bear” outfit with real hunting knives, especially near Halloween or you might get your own scare in a county jail.

But that’s what Anderson Police say really happened Sunday morning after a motel clerk reported a scary encounter with 28-year-old Travis Wallace, who is now facing several criminal counts, not too mention a major hangover.

It all began shortly after midnight when a desk clerk at the Baymont Inn reported being threatened by a man wearing a “Psycho Teddy Bear” brand Halloween outfit. The clerk told police that she saw a person (dressed up as Psycho Teddy Bear) through a surveillance monitor, looking up at a security camera in the motel laundry room area and showing a large knife in a threatening manner.

Before that, the clerk said the man walked inside the hotel lobby and stared silently at the clerk. Moments later, the clerk told police that Wallace walked a few feet closer and then lifted up his shirt to show off a large knife. After all that, the clerk called 9-1-1. When police arrived, they caught up with Wallace.

Officer say they found Psycho Teddy Bear Wallace carrying two 10-and a half-inch hunting knives, a pocket knife, a box-cutter knife and quite drunk. He was taken into custody on suspicion of public intoxication, brandishing a deadly weapon, criminal threats and carrying a concealed fixed-blade.

In the press release about this incident, the Anderson Police Department also added a reminder to the public to think twice about Halloween pranks that could seem harmless, but go too far and turn criminal. Especially, if you’ve been drinking too much. Just ask Travis Wallace.

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