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New hotels caught in Sabre’s data breach

As many cyber professionals anticipated, the data breach Sabre disclosed in May has developed into a large surface area affecting many hotels around the world. Two Roads Hospitality has joined the growing list of hotels that have had to notify guests that hackers have gained access to their personal information. On top of this large breach, Galt House Hotels has also experienced a separate breach. At this point, cyber security programs should be at the top of every hoteliers priority list. Hotel Management, Ester Hertzfeld, reports the recent update.

Two Roads was notified on June 6, 2017, that the hacking took place between August 2016 and March 2017.

As expected, the data breach disclosed by Sabre Corporation in early May that compromised its SynXis central-reservations system, exposi...

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Hotel Pools: A Legacy Staple or a Litigation Liability?

With summer in full swing, occupancies at their peak and soaring temperatures exceeding the norms in many areas across the country, hotel swimming pools are welcoming and refreshing hot spots for visitors. It is more important now than ever that the pool area be a top priority. Employees should familiarize themselves with the pool facilities, its processes and its guests. Creating a culture where all employees have a responsibility to identify safety hazards and unsafe behavior in the pool area, is paramount to the safety of your guests and mitigating risk. Lodging Magazine, Daniel A. Johnson, provides important guidelines every hotel operator should review.

It’s summer and both kids and adults alike are flocking to hotel pools once again. Yet the U.S...

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How to handle wage and labor investigations

As wage and hour investigations from the US Department of Labor (DOL) continue to rise, employers must be knowledgeable and prepared. It is important that employers do not underestimate the severity of a potential investigation. Conducting periodic recordkeeping and wage and hour self-audits are two preventive measures every employer should perform to minimize potential exposures that may be costly. If you’re facing an investigation, there are ways to minimize the negative consequences. Hotel Management, Alicia Hoisington, gives important insights to help you prepare for a Wage and Hour investigation.

Labor is one of the top expenses hoteliers face, and it doesn’t come without its own set of issues...

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Sabre’s data breach expands to Four Seasons, Trump Hotels

Unfortunately for the hotel industry, the trend for breaches is rapidly expanding. With Sabre being linked to at least 32,000 organizations, the single breach gave criminals much broader entry into other systems. In the era of modern technologies, managing risk factors across third and fourth party vendors is all-too-important to an organizations security. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Trump Hotels have fallen victim to the growing list of organizations affected by the Sabre attack. Hotel Management, Esther Hertzfeld, reports the update.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Trump Hotels are the latest hotel companies to be hit with a data breach that occured via their third-party hotel reservations provider, Sabre Hospitality Solutions...

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Sabre’s SynXis data breach affects Hard Rock, Loews Hotels

Travel industry giant, Sabre Corp., has become the latest victim to join some of the largest hotel chains labeled with serious data breaches. Sabre’s technology is used at more than 32,000 hotels and other lodging facilities around the globe. Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos and Loews Hotels have alerted guests of the security infringement that may have given the thieves access to their information. Hotel Management, Esther Hertzfeld, discusses the critical intrusion.

Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis is one of the hotels affected by the Sabre SynXis hotel reservations system.

Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos and Loews Hotels have warned customers that a security failure may have resulted in the theft of their information...

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How hotels are keeping employees safe and sound

Safety awareness and prevention go hand in hand. Creating a positive safety culture in the workplace is an on-going process that takes true commitment on behalf of the entire staff.  Although there are many types of injuries in the hotel industry, the most common injuries reported occur from repetitive work and sprains.  By providing proper tools and equipment along with regular safety training, hoteliers are sure to benefit from their efforts with minimized employee exposure to injury and illness. Hotel Management, Elliot Mest, provides important safety solutions.

Flipping a bed can be a frequent source of pain and strain.

Depending on the position, hotel employees are vulnerable to a wide range of potential injuries or safety concerns, but Harold Hacker, real property administrato...

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Should hotels text their guests? Operators weigh in

Text messaging is the communication of choice today and is part of normal consumer behavior.  It is a simple cost effective solution to extend hotel concierge services, allow front desk agents to address pre-arrival and post- departure communication with guests or to address issues quickly during their stay, and it’s a fun way to engage with guests overall. A text message program benefits every type of property; big or small, limited service or full service. Texts increase communication between employees and guests and also increase the property’s efficiency – a perfect way to connect with guests! Hotel Management, Elliot Mest, shares feedback with some important guidelines to consider from industry professionals.

Today’s travelers are sometimes more comfortable interacting via te...
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Best Western Brand Tapped for Stratosphere, Aquarius Resorts

The iconic Aquarius and Stratosphere properties have joined Best Western Hotels & Resorts Premier Collection in one of the largest deals in Best Western’s history. Whether it be the stunning panoramic views a top the Stratosphere tower or the wide variety of gaming options and state-of-the-art race and sports book of the Aquarius Casino Resort, Best Western will allow travelers visiting the monumental properties to take advantage of their generous loyalty program and provide American Casino Entertainment Properties  with brand support and online platforms. Commercial Property Executive, Evelina Croitoru, outlines key points of the deal.

American Casino and Entertainment Properties chose Best Western’s BW Premier collection for the properties, which include Las Vegas’ tallest struct...

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Here’s where Americans are getting a raise this weekend

On July 1, workers in 14 US cities, counties and states were given a pay raise.  Many of the cities, counties and states are in the process of multiyear increases to minimum wage that will take them through 2019 and beyond. Although any increase in minimum wage can be a game changer for those who earn minimum wage, the debate over whether the increases are positive or negative for the employee, employer and the economy vary significantly.  CNN Money, Julia Horowitz, lists the July 1 increases below.

A lot of Americans are getting a raise this holiday weekend.

Minimum wage hikes take effect Saturday in cities, counties and states across the country.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, the increase is a step toward a minimum wage of $15 an hour — the “living wage” threshold that workers...
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