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Texas hotels lower rates to help Hurricane Harvey evacuees

Severe widespread storms can have a detrimental impact on the lives of millions. Because of their ability to provide shelter for those displaced by the crisis, hotels have an extraordinary opportunity to potentially benefit disaster areas. If the social aspect of your organization is managed well, it could be a great opportunity to build your fan base as well. Strong Communication and great customer service are two core elements that can impact your image and budget during such devastation.  Kindness goes a long way! Extending superb hospitality, many hoteliers have stepped up to the plate lending a helping hand to the victims of Hurricane Harvey with reduced room rates, relaxed cancellation policies and more. Hotel Management, Jena Tesse Fox, reports.

The La Cantera Resort & Spa offer...
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DHS Issues New Version of Form I-9 – Effective on September 18, 2017

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released “another” revised Form I-9. All employers are required to use the new version to verify identity and employment authorization of new hires by September 18, 2017. Because of the recently revised form in November 2016, which was a major overhaul to previous documents, the changes in this version are not substantial. The National Review outlines changes to the current revision.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued yet another update to the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. This new version becomes mandatory for use with new hires and reverifications as of September 18, 2017.  This is the thirteenth revision of Form I-9 in the thirty years since the form was first required...

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Cannabis Shift Impacting Employers

Legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana is on the rise. With vague and nearly silent guidelines, these state statues are open for interpretation by the courts leaving employers and employees treading unfamiliar and sticky territory. It would be wise for employers to keep a close eye on the emerging legal and regulatory compliance obligations. Risk & Insurance, Autumn Heisler, cites some recent and notable case decisions.

Decisions on marijuana policy are shifting, leaving employers concerned about maintaining safe and drug-free workplaces.

Marijuana policy made headlines twice in one week, on matters that may be potential game changers for employers.

On July 17, Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court ruled in favor of a woman fired for using medical marijuana in Barbuto vs...

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Russia’s ‘Fancy Bear’ hackers target hotel guests

Just one more reason to ensure the Wi-Fi linked to your hotel property is secure with layers of protections and free from intrusions; Russian hackers have begun to use the leaked NSA hacking tool, EternalBlue, to expand their control of hotel networks across the globe. Once the hackers secure control of the hotels’ Wi-Fi, they are silently intercepting usernames, passwords, and much more from corporate and guests’ networks. With the use of EternalBlue, it is difficult to determine the individual targets of the hackers. Hotel Management, Esther Hertzfled, guides you through the operation.

FireEye warns travelers to be aware of the threat when visiting hotels in other countries, and to take steps to secure their systems.

Networking security website FireEye discovered a malicious do...

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New Jersey police officer and veteran hotel employee help save 2-year-old from drowning at Clearwater Beach hotel pool

Nothing is worse than a vacation gone wrong because of an injury or medical emergency.  It is not every day that trained medical professional is staying at your hotel.  Overcome the gap of reaching professional medical help by requiring CPR and first aid training for every employee.  Not only is CPR and first aid training a means to save a life, it is also an asset to you organization.  An employee who can administer CPR and first aid swiftly and professionally could mean the difference between saving a life and a financial disaster. A recent incident at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort is a stark reminder about just how important it is to train your employees properly and routinely. Tampa Bay Times, Melissa Gomez, shares the event.

CLEARWATER — A veteran hotel employee and New Jersey...

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Lawyer recommends employers work with experts after class-action suit against Kroger subsidiary over biometric data

For the past five years or so, employers have turned to new technology for a more accurate and reliable source of employee time keeping,  to reduce fraud in the work force, to provide better security and limit access to sensitive work areas. Facial recognition, photo tagging, finger or palm prints, GPS tracking, and even DNA have become the technologies of choice, but not without a price.  Employees can challenge the use of biometrics and the storage of the biometric data, and they are – numbers are growing rapidly. Recent lawsuits have brought hefty fines to employers for improperly collecting and storing employee biometric data. Make sure you know the guidelines for biometric data use and storage in your area.  Cook County Record, John Meyers, reports one of the largest cases to date...

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New York’s Plaza Hotel sued for alleged sexual harassment

Six former and current female employees are suing the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York City. Court documents cite male senior management and employees detailed and startling sexual misconduct and assault. The women argue they were forced to endure a barrage of egregious and unwanted sexual behavior from their superiors and employees while the hotel’s management turned a blind eye, shamed the women, and retaliated with suspension in some incidents. “While patrons enjoy the iconic culture of The Plaza, many of its female employees are forced to endure a culture of a different type – rape culture,” states the suit. The women are seeking unspecified damages. Hotel Management, Elliot Mest, discloses the complaint.

Much of the allegations center around the hotel’s bar, the “Palm Court.”
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The hospitality industry’s lurking liability

Sex trafficking is everywhere! Are you doing enough to fight sex trafficking on your property? Are your employees turning a blind eye while girls and women are being imprisoned and forced into sex? Branded or unbranded, luxurious or economical, you may be the next hotel pulled into litigation surrounding activities taking place on your properties. As states across the country enact new or proposed law seeking to hold hotels directly liable for sex trafficking on their properties, hotel operators must act to prevent the crimes. Employees must be trained and alert to the activities taking place on your properties. Business Insurance, Louise Esola, discusses the growing allegations and concerns surrounding the matter.

The hospitality industry must rethink its approach to service, privac...

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Prioritizing technology for your hotel staff

Technology can add huge benefits in the workplace. Think back to how business was done before email, internet, mobile marketing, telecommuting and smartphones. Innovation in technology has improved operations at companies of all makes and sizes and has turned small businesses into global enterprises. Using technology to simplify tasks and ensure your organization has the tools to overcome challenges, maximizes efficiency, improves communication and allows employees to work at their highest capabilities bringing greater stability to the company and success to the bottom line. Hospitality Net, Prachi Chhabria, guides you through key points to consider when choosing software that best suits the needs of your hotel property.

In the last few years, there has been a steady uptick in integra...

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