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New Mexico Judge Dismisses 99 ADA Lawsuits as Fraudulent and Malicious Entertains Sanction Motions

Judge rejects 99 ADA lawsuits against businesses throughout Albuquerque, New Mexico. The lawsuits, labeled as malicious and filed in bad faith, are the result of online advertisements designed to lure disabled plaintiffs into filing ADA lawsuits and harass business defendants into settlements. The recommendation to dismiss the cases suggests the plaintiff may be liable for almost $40K in filing fees, and opens the door for the 99 affected businesses to request sanctions against the plaintiff’s lawyer. Jim Butler and the Global Hospitality Group report the facts.

On October 26, 2017, a judge dismissed 99 ADA lawsuits, ordered an in forma pauperis plaintiff  (a person without funds to pursue the cost of a lawsuit) to pay filing fees of $38,300 and authorized the defendants to ...

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‘He Was Masturbating… I Felt Like Crying’: What Housekeepers Endure To Clean Hotel Rooms

Scared, uncomfortable and humiliating or simply from fear of losing their jobs, housekeepers have remained silent about the sexual harassment they’ve experienced for decades. With the recent passage of panic button legislation in major cities around the country and the publicity of high profile sexual harassment cases, more housekeepers are speaking out about the sexual abuse that goes on in the hotel industry. Are you listening to your staff? What can you do to improve the work culture at your hotel? With help from HuffPost Business, Dave Jamieson, Cecilia, a Chicago based housekeeper, describes years of sexual abuse.

Low-wage workers have been fighting sexual harassment for years. The national conversation is finally catching up with them.

Cecilia was working as a minibar attendant...

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Training users on new hotel technology no simple task

With guest experience and satisfaction dictating the success of a hotel, effective and efficient hotel technology training is an essential component to every hotel operation. From safety and compliance to operations and guest communication, new technology continues to evolve. Developing a high level comprehensive and layered technical training program focused on different solutions as well as users has proven to benefit hotel operations and the bottom line. Hotel Management, Esther Hertzfeld shares insight and solutions from industry leaders.  

Typically, a centrally managed learning management system is a critical component of managing the training modules available and ensuring that the right people take the right training.

Without the right training tools and procedures in place, ...

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TripAdvisor to flag hotels where incidents of sexual assault, thefts occur

After years of removing posts that women intended to be security warnings to others concerning safety at popular resorts located in Mexico, Trip Advisors has been under fire by the media. In response to the publicity and in an effort to better inform the public, Trip Advisor has started applying a security warning badge on the pages of hotels and businesses where rape and other safety incidents have been reported.  The symbols are meant to alert guests of prior safety and security events and encourage them to do more research before booking their stay. Malaymail online, reports some of the circumstances surrounding the decision.

A new TripAdvisor policy is to add a banner in red warning travellers to perform ‘additional research’ about certain properties. — AFP pic


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Hotels affected by California wildfires urged to act now

With the number of claims climbing, if your hotel was affected by the recent Northern California fires, now is the time to get your claim in order and file. When disaster impacts an area, insurance companies become buried in claims – acting in an organized quick fashion can keep your claim at the forefront opening the door for immediate assistance and reducing recovery time.  Know your policy, determine your damage, physical or otherwise; such as interruption of business, and be prepared to discuss your claim focusing on the details that lead to the claim. Hotel Management, Elliot Mest, shares some key advice for hotels concerning claims.

Recovering from the wildfires will be the largest project of its kind in California’s history.

Last month, wildfires streaked their way across Cal...

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What Hoteliers Need To Know About Ransomware Attacks

Today’s hotel operators face the rising threat of ransomware attacks. These types of attacks can constrain your organization. Since a hotel’s ability to respond to an attack is limited and there is little recourse for restoring ransomed data, updating your computer operating systems and software and having a commitment to properly train all employees on the malicious attacks and anti-phishing regularly is absolutely necessary to minimizing the risks of an attack. Lodging Magazine, Christine Killion discusses prevention tips all hotel operators should review.

Ransomware attacks have become more common and more sophisticated in recent years...

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