California – OSHA and Transgender Rights Poster Updates

California has recently released two new laws that carry mandatory posting requirements with them. The new Transgender Rights and California OSHA Update posters must be displayed along with other required workplace notices in a prominent and accessible location in the workplace January 1, 2018. All employers must comply with the rulings.  Labor Law Center shares the update.



California has recently come out with two new labor compliance posters that employers will need to comply with as they begin 2018.

California OSHA Update:

The first poster is an update to the existing OSHA notice.  The updates to the poster include wording that is more distinct and clear in understanding the intent.  It also provides updates concerning Violations, Citations and Penalties as well as numerous updates to the contact information on the notice.

Transgender Rights in the Workplace Notice:

California has also issued a new Transgender Rights in the Workplace notice.  The notice:

  • Defines what is meant by “transgender” and “gender transition.”
  • Specifies what employers are allowed to ask employees (steering clear of questions that could become intrusive of sexual orientation and transgender rights.
  • Offers guidance in how employers should establish dress codes and grooming standards that allow workers to dress consistent with their gender identity.
  • Provides guidance in how to deal with standards concerning bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.
  • Provides a process and means for workers to file a compliant if they believe their rights have been threatened.

Both of these laws carry mandatory posting requirements.

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