Westgate Hotel testing firearm-detecting security system

Modern security has arrived! Providing a great guest experience while ensuring the safety of guests, employees, and company assets is a necessary but difficult task every hotelier faces. Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas has recently partnered with Patriot One Technologies Inc, to test its NForce weapons dectection system. NForce is a discreet weapon sensing system that uses Cognitive Microwave Radar to detect concentrations of iron based metals such as guns, knives, and bombs. With a consistent 94% accuracy rate, the units are small enough to hide inside existing infrastructure. New3 Las Vegas, Gerard Ramalho, shares a glimpse of this exciting new technology.



Chances are the next time you enter the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, you will have passed through a state of the art security system; one that can determine if you are a potential threat.

“When somebody is entering a building or public facility, the device can detect whether they’re carrying a knife or a gun or a bomb,” said Martin Cronin, CEO of Patriot One Technologies.

Martin explained the device can be hidden in the walls or flooring of a building. Using what he calls microwave-radar technology, he says when someone passes through with a firearm or even a bomb, an alert is sent digitally to a computer.

What’s more, the system will not alert with ordinary items like cell phones or a set of keys.

“And there doesn’t have to be a security operator right there on the spot. We can network the alarms, integrate the camera systems, integrate with access controls. So it really is a game-changing technology,” said Cronin.

Unlike with a metal detector, developers say there’s no obvious stopping point or pat-downs needed. And while some might see it as a privacy infringement, others say, it’s worth it.

“That’s the age-old debate. I mean in order to have security, you have to give up a little freedom. That’s just how it is,” said Julian Martinez a tourists in town for the week.

Developers had been working with the Westgate even prior to One October. They say it’s still only a pilot program for now, but they’ve already received inquiries from several other Las Vegas hotels.


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