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California proposes hotel ‘panic button’ bill to protect workers from assaults, sex harassment

“A former employer took more than 20 minutes to respond after I alerted them that a man exposed himself to me in a hallway.” Hotels are under increased scrutiny as workers, cities, and the State of California push for legislation requiring employers to equip room attendants with panic buttons in an effort to prevent violent assaults and sexual harassment in the industry. If passed, California will be the first state in the nation to impose legislation state-wide. CNBC, Jeff Daniels, reports.

  • A California bill was introduced Wednesday that requires hotels to provide hotel room cleaners with panic buttons.
  • The so-called hotel maid “panic button” bill is designed to protect employees from assaults by guests.
  • If passed, it would make California the first to have a statewide law manda...
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OSHA penalties increase by 2 percent

OSHA has begun the New Year with penalty hikes.  Effective January 2, 2018, civil penalties for violations of OSHA standards and regulations increased 2%. The penalty increase applies to Federal OSHA states; however, states operating their own occupational safety and health programs are expected to introduce comparable penalty structures making them equally effective., Emily Scace, compares penalty structures and increases in the charts below.

Effective January 2, civil penalties for violations of workplace safety and health standards are 2 percent higher, with a new maximum fine of nearly $130,000...

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Westgate Hotel testing firearm-detecting security system

Modern security has arrived! Providing a great guest experience while ensuring the safety of guests, employees, and company assets is a necessary but difficult task every hotelier faces. Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas has recently partnered with Patriot One Technologies Inc, to test its NForce weapons dectection system. NForce is a discreet weapon sensing system that uses Cognitive Microwave Radar to detect concentrations of iron based metals such as guns, knives, and bombs. With a consistent 94% accuracy rate, the units are small enough to hide inside existing infrastructure. New3 Las Vegas, Gerard Ramalho, shares a glimpse of this exciting new technology.

Chances are the next time you enter the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, you will have passed through a state of t...

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Understanding Greywater and Its Proper Uses for Hotels

Although it can be expensive initially, using grey water can meet up to 50% of a property’s water needs by supplying water for landscaping. Grey water also provides nutrients to plants.  Furthermore, using grey water for your landscaping needs can prove to be a significant cost savings. Lodging Magazine shares the rules and guidelines you must follow for proper grey water use.

One of the many ways commercial facilities and hotels are reducing water consumption is to use greywater. Greywater is typically defined as “gently used” water that comes from restroom sinks, kitchen sinks, showers, etc. Facilities that use greywater are often “doubled plumbed,” with greywater going into storage tanks and water from toilets and urinals discharged into sewer systems.

While some greywa...

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Keeping Hotels Safe Through Staff Training

Employees are a hotels greatest asset! Investing in your employees should be a top priority. Not only will proper training improve the overall safety of your property, it could also bring more to your bottom line. Employees need to be taught how to act and react when addressing guests and situations that arise on the property. Providing detailed onboarding training, reviewing policies and procedures frequently, and engaging employees in processes is a sure footprint to the success of your property safety program. Facility Executive, Terrell Kemp, Jr.  shares insight into effective safety solutions.

Employees’ knowledge of proper security protocols is crucial to the safety of guests, while also enhancing a hotel’s reputation.

Consistency in the hotel business is key...

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‘He Was Masturbating… I Felt Like Crying’: What Housekeepers Endure To Clean Hotel Rooms

Scared, uncomfortable and humiliating or simply from fear of losing their jobs, housekeepers have remained silent about the sexual harassment they’ve experienced for decades. With the recent passage of panic button legislation in major cities around the country and the publicity of high profile sexual harassment cases, more housekeepers are speaking out about the sexual abuse that goes on in the hotel industry. Are you listening to your staff? What can you do to improve the work culture at your hotel? With help from HuffPost Business, Dave Jamieson, Cecilia, a Chicago based housekeeper, describes years of sexual abuse.

Low-wage workers have been fighting sexual harassment for years. The national conversation is finally catching up with them.

Cecilia was working as a minibar attendant...

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TripAdvisor to flag hotels where incidents of sexual assault, thefts occur

After years of removing posts that women intended to be security warnings to others concerning safety at popular resorts located in Mexico, Trip Advisors has been under fire by the media. In response to the publicity and in an effort to better inform the public, Trip Advisor has started applying a security warning badge on the pages of hotels and businesses where rape and other safety incidents have been reported.  The symbols are meant to alert guests of prior safety and security events and encourage them to do more research before booking their stay. Malaymail online, reports some of the circumstances surrounding the decision.

A new TripAdvisor policy is to add a banner in red warning travellers to perform ‘additional research’ about certain properties. — AFP pic


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Hotel Security: Protect Guests and Prevent Legal Action

Even with the most sophisticated safety and security measures in place, hotels are susceptible to threats and crime. Negligent security claims are often connected to failed or incomplete safety and security procedures paired with inadequate training. To ensure your hotel property is capable of managing threats and crime, it is vital that hotel safety and security be reviewed regularly, and staff training remain consistent and revised to match your safety and security needs. Lodging Magazine, Justin Parafinczuk, provides key points to consider as you assess your safety and security program.

Recent tragedies have shown how vulnerable hotels are to safety and security threats...

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Crisis Preparedness: Having A Plan of Action for When the Unthinkable Happens

Although no one wants to think about catastrophic events, it is a topic that should be at the forefront of every hotel discussion right now. No matter what the nature of the disaster, every event represents a significant risk for a hotel’s ability to continue ordinary operations. If you don’t have a plan in place when disaster strikes, you put your staff, guests and your reputation at “increased” risk. Every hotel should have a comprehensive crisis plan that includes pre-event, real-time, and post-event procedures. Communication and training are key elements that contribute to the success of the plan. Lodging Magazine, Ellen Meyer, shares hotel disaster preparedness tips from Bob Rauch, CEO and president of RAR Hospitality, below.

Now chief executive officer and president of R...

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Wildfires Wreak Havoc on California’s $58 Billion Wine Industry

Several days have passed and fires continue to burn in Northern California. A number of lethal fires began racing across Northern California more than seven days ago destroying homes and businesses, prompting mandatory evacuations, and leaving overwhelming devastation and ruins behind them.The economic impact is likely to be quite serious in light of the numerous wineries, hotels and restaurants lost. The recovery efforts will be long and tourism will be scarce for the hotels and restaurants servicing the area. Bloomberg Markets, Jennifer Kaplan, Jeffrey Taylor, and Lydia Mulvany walk through some of the details surrounding the fires.

  • Properties burn, smoke hits grapes for this year’s vintage
  • Cost could be $100 million for unusable crops, economist says
Wildfire in a vineyard in ...
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