Three steps to follow before and after disaster strikes

The recent influx of natural disaster across the nation and across the globe is a profound indicator that every hotel facility should have an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan in place. The plan should be multi-faceted to include guests, employees, and property management procedures before, during and after disaster strikes. The tourism economy and profits are often at the mercy of the storm. How you prepare, respond, and react to your call of duty can make or break your business. Hotel Management, Victoria Rosenthal, suggests three important steps to speed up the recovery process.

When disaster strikes, hotels are susceptible to damage as any commercial property or residence...

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Westgate Hotel testing firearm-detecting security system

Modern security has arrived! Providing a great guest experience while ensuring the safety of guests, employees, and company assets is a necessary but difficult task every hotelier faces. Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas has recently partnered with Patriot One Technologies Inc, to test its NForce weapons dectection system. NForce is a discreet weapon sensing system that uses Cognitive Microwave Radar to detect concentrations of iron based metals such as guns, knives, and bombs. With a consistent 94% accuracy rate, the units are small enough to hide inside existing infrastructure. New3 Las Vegas, Gerard Ramalho, shares a glimpse of this exciting new technology.

Chances are the next time you enter the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, you will have passed through a state of t...

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Las Vegas Shooting Kills Over 50, Hundreds Injured

Bullets rained across the venue of Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas with 22,000 in attendance; the deadliest mass shooting in the US in modern history. More than 50 dead and 500 wounded as police and investigators try to piece together the story that led the 64 year old shooter to the evil he inflicted on so many innocent victims. Travel Pulse, Donald Wood, summarizes some of the details reported.

PHOTO: Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. (photo via Flickr/Hakan Dahlstrom)

UPDATE: 12:30 p.m. ET 10/2/2017

During a press conference Monday morning, Las Vegas Police said at least 58 people were killed and another 515 were injured after a gunman attacked a music festival crowd from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

According to ABCNews...

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ADA In The Digital Age: Federal Court Strikes Down Inaccessible Website

If you haven’t already, add website accessibility to the growing list of unintended consequences of the ADA. Evolving definitions of what constitutes a physical or mental disability, senseless mandates, hefty compliance costs for business owners and waves of abusive litigation that have developed under ADA have proven that enforcement of the law is nothing more than a disaster that has lined the pockets of a small number of opportunist lawyers and their clients.

Clear rules for applying the ADA to websites have yet to be established leaving the door open for interpretation by the courts...

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Prioritizing technology for your hotel staff

Technology can add huge benefits in the workplace. Think back to how business was done before email, internet, mobile marketing, telecommuting and smartphones. Innovation in technology has improved operations at companies of all makes and sizes and has turned small businesses into global enterprises. Using technology to simplify tasks and ensure your organization has the tools to overcome challenges, maximizes efficiency, improves communication and allows employees to work at their highest capabilities bringing greater stability to the company and success to the bottom line. Hospitality Net, Prachi Chhabria, guides you through key points to consider when choosing software that best suits the needs of your hotel property.

In the last few years, there has been a steady uptick in integra...

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How hotels are keeping employees safe and sound

Safety awareness and prevention go hand in hand. Creating a positive safety culture in the workplace is an on-going process that takes true commitment on behalf of the entire staff.  Although there are many types of injuries in the hotel industry, the most common injuries reported occur from repetitive work and sprains.  By providing proper tools and equipment along with regular safety training, hoteliers are sure to benefit from their efforts with minimized employee exposure to injury and illness. Hotel Management, Elliot Mest, provides important safety solutions.

Flipping a bed can be a frequent source of pain and strain.

Depending on the position, hotel employees are vulnerable to a wide range of potential injuries or safety concerns, but Harold Hacker, real property administrato...

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Should hotels text their guests? Operators weigh in

Text messaging is the communication of choice today and is part of normal consumer behavior.  It is a simple cost effective solution to extend hotel concierge services, allow front desk agents to address pre-arrival and post- departure communication with guests or to address issues quickly during their stay, and it’s a fun way to engage with guests overall. A text message program benefits every type of property; big or small, limited service or full service. Texts increase communication between employees and guests and also increase the property’s efficiency – a perfect way to connect with guests! Hotel Management, Elliot Mest, shares feedback with some important guidelines to consider from industry professionals.

Today’s travelers are sometimes more comfortable interacting via te...
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Best Western Brand Tapped for Stratosphere, Aquarius Resorts

The iconic Aquarius and Stratosphere properties have joined Best Western Hotels & Resorts Premier Collection in one of the largest deals in Best Western’s history. Whether it be the stunning panoramic views a top the Stratosphere tower or the wide variety of gaming options and state-of-the-art race and sports book of the Aquarius Casino Resort, Best Western will allow travelers visiting the monumental properties to take advantage of their generous loyalty program and provide American Casino Entertainment Properties  with brand support and online platforms. Commercial Property Executive, Evelina Croitoru, outlines key points of the deal.

American Casino and Entertainment Properties chose Best Western’s BW Premier collection for the properties, which include Las Vegas’ tallest struct...

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Today’s data security is all about offensive planning

In the event of a data breach, are you prepared to deal with potential litigation, regulatory fines, compliance issues, state specific laws, brand reputation and loss of business?  This is a question all hoteliers should be asking themselves. Businesses potentially thrive by predicting, preparing and ensuring growth to the bottom line. Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and your predictions and preparation should be progressing with them. Ongoing cybersecurity planning should be a mandatory component of every hotel owner’s growth plan. Hotel Management, Elliot Mesh, outlines the focus on cybersecurity from this year’s HITEC conference in Toronto.   

TORONTO—As is customary, this year’s Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference began with a session on cyberse...

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Most American Workers Unprepared for Workplace Cardiac Emergencies

Providing a healthy safe environment for guests and employees is the very meaning of “Hospitality!”

“First aid, CPR, and AED training need to become part of a larger culture of safety within the workplace.”

The outcome of occupational illnesses and injuries depends on the severity of the injury, available first-aid care and medical treatment. Quick adequate first aid may mean the difference between a speedy or lengthy recovery, temporary or permanent disability, and even life or death.

Although some states offer more protections than others, every state has some form of Good Samaritan Law that separately addresses the involvement of voluntary CPR and AED Responders with proper CPR and First Aid training; therefore, the laws generally provide a liability shield for those rendering CPR,...

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